Last week, we hosted a Facebook Live interview with an industry expert to help you build your business with laser focus. Rachel Walker, the style blogger behind the Rachel Review, shares her five top tips to help you grow your YouTube channel. Plus, Rachel has some practical advice for filming, music, and editing to help make your videos more professional, keep people’s attention, and increase your watch time. YouTube might feel overwhelming, but Rachel breaks everything down into bite-sized chunks so that we can feel less overwhelmed!

Five top tips to help you grow your YouTube channel:

  1. Narrow down your niche. Why is it important to find your niche? Learn how defining your avatar can help you create and publish more consistent, relevant content.
  2. Get a coach. Getting a YouTube coach helped Rachel evaluate her progress and gave her the tough love she needed. How can a coach help you?
  3. Make the extraordinary extra-ordinary. Your dream doesn’t have to seem like a fairytale. Learn how making your goals part of your mundane, every-day schedule can make reaching those goals seem less intimidating.
  4. Be consistent. Why is consistency the true key to success?
  5. Don’t look at the competition. When your comparison is high, your productivity is probably low. Here’s why you should focus on doing your own thing and ignore your competitors.

Are you ready to start thinking strategically about your YouTube efforts so you can grow your following? To get all of Rachel’s tips, head to our members-only Facebook Group, go to the Units section in the sidebar, and click on Facebook Live to watch the video. Not a member of SC yet? What are you waiting for? –> Join us for just $15!

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