One of the most frequently asked questions by bloggers is: how do I grow my website traffic? There are the usual suspects: SEO, SEM, Pinterest, and social media marketing.

But, there is one method SC Boss Babe Betsy, from LegosinmyLouis, used to take her website traffic from 100 visitors on a Friday to 8,300 visitors the next day.

*Mic drop*

Keep reading to find out more about how you, too, can stop being a slave to constant content creation and start leveraging high quality content to increase readership (and revenue!). We are SO excited for you to meet Betsy!


Hi, Betsy! We are so excited to be sitting down with you today to chat about your specific knowledge in the fashion and lifestyle blogging industry. Tell us a bit about who you are and where you live.

Most people know me as the voice behind the fashion and lifestyle blog, LegosinmyLouis. If you have ever tried to research how to authenticate a Louis Vuitton or fun things to do with the family in San Diego, then we have probably already met through my blog. I live in sunny San Diego, where I am raising my two kids and sharing all about the quirks and perks of motherhood.  I am trying to navigate through life balancing family, work, and play, all without losing myself or my sense of style!

As many can attest to, blogging as a sole source of income isn’t something that most of us in this space are doing. I’m no exception. While I late night hustle with my blog, I’ve spent most of each day for the past several years as a digital strategy consultant (fancy word for marketer). The company I consult for is hired to create frameworks and systems to run Facebook and Instagram ads.

I know you had a different job in fashion before you started blogging.  Tell us a little about that, and how it transitioned into blogging.

Before blogging, I helped create and launch a menswear company that made luxury dress shirts we sold at Saks Fifth Avenue.  Because of my job history with consumer marketing, I took the title of Director of Marketing and Procurement, and with that came a lot to oversee. Despite being the fantasy that every fashion lover dreams of, the tradeoff was a tremendous amount of blood, sweat, and tears.

When, at the same time, I was also pregnant twice in three years, I quickly realized that all we had already accomplished was enough fulfillment for me.  So, I made the decision to leave, refocused on surviving the early years of motherhood, and niched down to working as a marketing consultant and creating a new creative outlet for my passions, LegosinmyLouis.

From 100 to 8,300 Website Visitors in ONE DAY: Betsy Spills ALL the Deets

Wow, that’s incredible! As an entrepreneur, you wear so many hats. Tell us a bit about how you market and promote your brand. Is there anything you do to market your brand that’s different than most bloggers?

The majority of my blog features fashion and lifestyle content with the typical revenue streams, like affiliate links, ads, and sponsored posts.  Within the first year of blogging, I felt really challenged by the fact that I was in a content production cycle where my growth and revenue was only as good as my last post. I would put together a fashion Instagram post I loved, see a sale or two from those products, and then have to do it all over, again and again. I felt like I was already needing to plan my next blog post while I was still in the middle of writing one.

Since I knew Facebook ads worked so well for the clients and business I worked with, I took some of my best posts and started running them as ads.  The first few gave me a really good increase in traffic, and then the third was a home run. I started with a $5 a day budget to promote a blog post over the course of a weekend. On Saturday afternoon, I had so many thousands of people organically sharing that post that my server couldn’t handle the traffic and my website crashed.  It was in that moment I knew that Facebook ads were going to be my game changer. With less than the price of a Starbucks budgeted in ad spending, I was able to take my website visitors from 100 visitors on a Friday to 8,300 visitors the next day.

Now, I can focus on writing posts with more in-depth content that I am really proud of.

What other products or services do you hope to offer in the future?

I often reach capacity for helping clients directly, so I’m finalizing an online course to teach my expertise to fashion and lifestyle bloggers.  This course will teach bloggers how to build and run their own Facebook and Instagram ads to drive traffic to their site, increase post engagement, and hopefully increase revenue.   The course has straight forward video tutorials that lay a clear path and detailed instructions on how you can get started at even the most basic and budget-friendly level.

For established bloggers with built revenue streams, I offer one-on-one consulting, so we can build custom campaigns with a strong focus on a quick return on investment.

What are some personal habits you believe contribute to your success?

I think the personal habit that contributes most to my success is my ideas, my ability to execute them, and my problem solving.  Like most of the other women reading this, I started my blog without really knowing what to do or where to start. But, I looked at a finished product of a blog I liked and worked backwards to figure out how I could build both a platform and brand for myself. I didn’t outsource a thing, because I knew that if I could understand all of it from the start, I would save myself a ton of money and gain a lot of expertise. Our niche is incredibly dynamic, so the ability to creatively navigate through the changes of the social media platforms and the changing interests of our audience has really been paramount in helping me grow my presence quickly.

From 100 to 8,300 Website Visitors in ONE DAY: Betsy Spills ALL the Deets

What does your morning routine look like?

My morning routine looks like an iPhone time-lapse video!  Everyone is moving at supersonic speed.  My husband sneaks off to the gym before the sun comes up, so the kids and I stay in bed as long as humanly possible, which I have timed to be exactly 7:16am for an 8:30am departure. The beauty of what I do for a living means l have flexibility in my schedule. This is really important to me. It means that each day of the week looks different, and no two days are typically the same.

But, there are some things that I like to try to keep the same, despite our ever-changing schedule.  The kids and I sit down at the dining room table and have breakfast together. I shower and wash my hair at night to save time in the morning.  I take the dog for a walk before we leave to go anywhere.  We are never late, and generally always early, so despite the view from the outside looking in, there is method to our madness.

What is your favorite online tool for bloggers?

Oh, gosh, each day it feels like a new tool comes out that I want to try.  Since most of us already know the ones that people use for social media, and that I’m having a love affair with Facebook ads, I’ll share a couple that most people in the blogging community might not be as familiar with.

Similar Web: I use the free version, and I have a blog post and video about it here.  It’s a tool to get a peek at another blogger’s website traffic.  I’ve found a lot of insight when seeing what the big-time bloggers are doing in terms of traffic sources and tips that I now try to duplicate

YouTube Director App: This is an iPhone app that is amazing at making professional looking video segments.  It is so simple you could produce great videos right from your phone, all by yourself. Video content is so important in 2017, and the tool is a really cost effective (FREE) way to cut your teeth on giving your readers more video content.

From 100 to 8,300 Website Visitors in ONE DAY: Betsy Spills ALL the Deets

Share some advice for aspiring bloggers who are building their brands.

My piece of advice for bloggers is to recognize your weaknesses and lean into your strengths. Denying our weaknesses leaves us doomed to keep repeating the same mistakes, especially when it comes to blogging. When you get started, it’s really easy to look at another blogger and try to follow their exact formula for success.  But, that assumes that their strengths are your strengths and their weaknesses are your weaknesses.  So, instead, identify your strengths and do more of what you are good at.

If writing is really hard for you, but you are great at styling and taking outfit photos, then do more of that and grow through Pinterest.  If you are a writer, but don’t have the focus to style, shoot, and edit photos (hello, me!), then simply write more and let organic search and your blog content grow your brand.  Time and time again, businesses prove to me that the riches are in the niches, so find what you are passionate about, make it your niche, and you’ll quickly discover how loyal of an audience you can build.

Where can we find you?

You can find me at, on Instagram @legosinmylouis or over on the Hire an Expert Section here on Style Collective.  I’m also about to launch a course Facebook Ads for Fashion Bloggers, and you can get early access through the waitlist here.

SO MUCH YES! We are not only signing up for the Facebook Course, but we are also starting an ad campaign with Betsy in April. We cannot wait for all of our #SCGIRLBOSSES to reach new levels with this new skill set. Questions about anything discussed in this interview? Totally intrigued and excited? Let us know below!! xo