3 reasons why the SC forums are life changing

Blogging is widely known to be an amazing creative outlet, but many people don’t realize that when you start a blog, you also need to be your own CMO (Chief Marketing Officer). Not only is it your job to develop your content strategy, but you will also need SEO, an opt-in, a newsletter, and marketing and promotional strategies if you want people to find you. It can feel SUPER overwhelming trying to tackle this all on your own, especially when you try to use Google only to find duds or click-bait. I struggled with this myself when starting my blog, The Lovely Girl, but now my go-to resource is the SC forums. Let me explain why:

1. Access to Your Own #GIRLBOSS Marketing Team

Wouldn’t it be nice to have your own marketing team to bounce ideas off of or ask about online best practices? The digital world is always evolving, so having real-time feedback from my girls has been the #1 way I’ve been able to learn influencer marketing SO quickly! Some of my favorite topics from the SC forums are:

  • How do I grow my Instagram following?
  • How do I turn my blog into my business?
  • What are the best accounts to tag on Instagram so you get reposted?
  • Is your email list really your biggest asset for your blog? How do you grow it?

Every Monday we send our members the latest and greatest forum topics in our newsletter so you don’t miss any good nuggets of information!

2. Once in a Lifetime Opportunities

Have you ever wanted to go to New York Fashion Week? Have no clue where to start or how to even go about it? ME TOO GIRLFRIEND… until Taylor, NYFW Veteran of 5 years and #SCGirlBoss, messaged me last week about sharing with other SC Sisters EXACTLY how to find schedules and contacts for attending NYFW as a blogger. We are putting together a guide for SC Members who plan on attending NYFW 2016 with the SC team. Will you be joining us??

3. Endless Collaborations = GROWTH

There are so many amazing collaborations going on inside the forums: ladies who are hosting Instagram giveaways together, nominating each other for blogging awards, and even giving personal training services away in exchange for a blog post. Who wouldn’t want abs in exchange for writing a post? #YESPLEASE. If you are looking for opportunities for cross-promotion or increasing your SEO, the collaboration forum will be your go-to area of the member forums.

So for all my SC Sisters: what is your favorite part of the member forums? For those still on the fence about joining – let us know in the comments what questions you have! This is honestly a resource that I CANNOT live without and I know that I’m not alone in this.

xo Annie