3 ways to get more likes and comments on your blog posts

Blogging is A LOT of work – there is tons of planning, research, and negotiation that goes on behind the scenes before a blog post is even published! So once you hit publish, wouldn’t it be awesome to get some positive feedback and recognition for all of your hard work?! Today I’m breaking down 3 strategies to get more comments and likes on your posts!


1. Join an Engagement Group

There are TONS of blogging Facebook groups available to join, but my favorite are the Style Collective Groups that we have on our website for members! It’s like the chicest virtual hangout for girlfriends to use to share posts with each other. Instead of some random dude commenting on your post about your midi-skirt, you’ll get a genuine comment from someone who actually gets it. You can ask for extra love on a sponsored post or get other ladies to follow you on your social channels. We have tons of groups to help you keep the likes, comments, and love flowing!

2. Join an Instagram Comment Pod

You can organize this with other bloggers on your own, but who has time to hunt people down and set things up with people who might not even be interested?! #aintnobodygottimeforthat When you join Style Collective, you simply sign up for a DM group and you will be added to a group with 15 awesome girlfriends! We also have a group for self-organzing Instagram Comment Pods. Share when you post a photo on Instagram to get some likes and comments, while returning the favor for your SC Sisters. It couldn’t be easier to support each other, share feedback, and chat about whatever is on your mind.

3 ways to increase comments and likes on your post

3. Join Follow Friday

I LOVEEEE a good #FollowFriday, because women supporting women is the best! You aren’t going to grow your following if you try to compete with or ignore other women in the blogging world. Hate to break it to ya, but you need a support system. Style Collective hosts Follow Fridays every month and we also have a group for self-organzing Follow Friday, so join now and get linked up with other girl bosses who want to promote each other! Wouldn’t it be great to gain 30-35 new followers just for posting a Follow Friday photo? #WINNING


These 3 tips have been a game changer to help me stay motivated while blogging or posting to social media! Blogging can be a lonely job, but if you have the right support system in place, it goes from a solitary task to a community filled with love and encouragement! Style Collective Sisterhood & Support will take you to the next level – so what are you waiting for? Join today!

xo Annie