In today’s saturated fashion landscape, it’s easy for readers to become overwhelmed and disengage with blogs. Between Tumblr, Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest, keeping up with blogs is both easy and constant. Below, I’ve outlined 3 ways to keep your fashion blog content fresh and give your readers something new in every post!

Going Deeper Than the Dress:

We all love seeing (and wearing!) a good designer piece, but while it’s easy to admire, it’s often more difficult to understand the creative process that takes place when developing an entire collection of work. What makes big brands so covetable? What makes a piece new, exciting, or interesting? We often ignore this aspect of fashion: the one that gives it purpose. For example, renowned couturier Azzedine Alaia, who recently celebrated his 76th birthday, first trained as a sculptor, studying the human form in detail before becoming a tailor and designer. This training is evident in Alaia’s signature style; he still creates his dresses by forming them directly on the models’ bodies. Doing research on a designer’s personal evolution and that of their label may teach you something new, and can greatly inform how you wear their clothes.

Alaia with Model

Concept over Copying:

Another problem blogging has run into over the years is the constant reappearance of a single hit item that’s in every blogger’s closet. Trends are fun to follow and try out, but they are short-sighted in terms of personal style. Your readers will get more from a discussion of ideas and tactics about dressing than simply providing them with items to purchase. Discussing why an outfit works is a great opportunity to explore concepts such as color theory, proportions, and tailoring.

Dose of Realism:

My final point is to keep in mind that real life demands utility of fashion: how art meets function. Most of your readers are not buying new wardrobes every season, and they can’t relate to the bloggers who are. The scroll of perfect Instagrams becomes tiresome and leads readers to search for something different. Being honest about your personal style and even the challenges you face (don’t we all hate everything in our closet some days?) allows for relatable and unique content. Equipping your readers with tools to apply to their own wardrobes is more relevant to their personal style evolution than a list of pieces to purchase.

Finding your niche can be a challenge, but focusing on your authentic voice and the topics you care about gives your readers an irreplaceable perspective. Give your readers a reason to pick your blog and stick with it, despite all the other blogs they could choose from. Mass-market dresses are fine, but make your blog a one-of-a-kind designer gown that really shines!