You hit publish on that post and are feeling pretty accomplished, until you remember you haven’t put in your keywords. Your shoulders tighten as you try to breathe deeply to motivate yourself to just do it.

“But is this even doing anything?” you wonder. Getting the plugin to give you the green light is the point, but is it really getting you the traffic you want?

Feeling confident in your SEO will change how you market yourself online and will stop that drained feeling you get every time you doubt what you are doing.

The key to doing SEO right is having the right tools that tell you the simple (but powerful) actions to take on your site. No confusion or ambiguity; instead, ongoing improvements and a healthy site!

One of these tools is the Google Search Console! The benefits of setting up your Search Console are many, but understanding what your people are searching is one of the main benefits.

In this post, I will give you three specific reports you can look at in the Search Console to improve your SEO.

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As I mentioned in my other post, doing SEO doesn’t have to be a stressful task you avoid month after month. Over time, it will become something you do naturally as part of your ongoing posting routine.


1) Understand Crawl Errors

One factor Google looks at when ranking your site is whether your site is being correctly crawled. Basically, your site needs to be “digestible” to the Google bots by having minimum errors and issues.

How do you know what issues you have? By using the Crawl Errors report in the Search Console.

3 Ways to Use the Google Search Console for SEO

This report tells you which specific pages have errors and what the error is. You can screenshot this and send directly to your VA or Web Developer, or go ahead and fix the errors yourself.

Pretty handy, right?


2) Who is linking to your site?

Another important factor when it comes to ranking in Google is back linking. When other sites link to your site, it tells Google you are an authority in the community and the content you create is valued.

So, how do you know who is linking to you? By looking at the Links to Your Site report!

3 Ways to Use the Google Search Console for SEO

This report is pretty awesome, because not only does it tell you what sites are linking to you, but also your most linked pages!

You might be wondering — so now what? Well, if there is someone you don’t recognize on this list, you can go ahead and reach out to them to propose a collaboration. Or, if you notice one particular blog post is getting linked, think about how else you can share it, or possibly create a follow-up post with a similar title.

Knowledge is power! The more familiar you are with your traffic, the more you will be able to make conscious choices when it comes to how you invest (time, money, energy) in your marketing.


3) Keywords! Keywords! Keywords!

When it comes to doing SEO right, you might be thinking it is just about the keywords. Think again! In the last couple of years, Google has gotten a lot smarter in detecting spam and keyword stuffing. If you exaggerate with how you put keywords in your content, you will actually get docked points in your ranking.

One way to let go of this keyword obsession is by creating a keyword strategy. This isn’t just about grabbing the most popular keywords and smearing them into your Yoast! You have to choose your keywords smartly and make sure they are completely aligned with your audience and branding.

The Search Console can be a huge help with this! With the Search Analytics report, you not only see what people are searching before they click through to your site, but also what keyword searches you are showing up in and what your ranking position is.

3 Ways to Use the Google Search Console for SEO

Doing SEO the smart way means accepting it as a long-term strategy to being found on Google.


Shortcuts end up being more expensive in the long run, so start today for a strong foundation and a strong growth strategy.


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