Chances are that if you are a fashion blogger, then one of your goals is to attend NYFW (New York Fashion Week). Taylor Aube is our resident NYFW expert; she has been to both NYFW and Paris Fashion week multiple times! If you aren’t sure why you need to attend NYFW, Taylor has listed 5 reasons WHY this will be a game changer for your blogging career.

1. If you love anything with your entire heart, you will go to a convention for it. Comic book fanatics go to Comic-Con, tech lovers dream of CES, fitness buffs go to the Arnold Classic (yes, that’s a real thing! LOL) and us fashion girls? We go to NYFW!!

2. It will take your brand to the next level – having NYFW experience is a playing card to use with brands in your pitches. It adds leverage to your brand and shows that you are a serious influencer in the industry!

Oscar de la Renta

3. The experience is once in a lifetime– even if you go once, GO! If you don’t get invites to any shows then wait outside, stalk the street style stars, editors, models and just cover street style on your website. Start somewhere! Did you know I got my start at NYFW/PFW documenting model street style? You get a glimpse of the industry and a feel for how fashion week works. Then next season you can pitch to brands that you have experience covering NYFW!

4. Networking– self-explanatory!

5. Being seen and getting your name out there. Even if you’re standing outside of a show – media is everywhere. That picture of me in the pink dress in the Tuileries in Paris was taken by a photographer for Vogue UK. She said, “Enjoy the show!” and I went on to stand in the corner with my friends just observing everything happening. I wasn’t invited to any shows but I was photographed on many different media outlets!

Taylor Aube

If you’ve been thinking about attending NYFW, now is the time to start finding schedules, contacts and sending your pitch. Taylor shares all of these details in a step by step resource guide exclusive for SC Members (go to Member Dashboard and scroll down to “education”). Not a member? Join here! Let’s chat in comments: will you be attending NYFW?


  1. Sarah

    I really enjoy these tips! I was living in New York last year during NYFW and wanted to go SO bad but was too chicken.. Next time I will for sure go with friends and hang out. I hope one day to actually be invited to a show!

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