Everyone prefers the middle: That’s why we cut the crust off bread or lick the inside of an oreo! But that doesn’t mean the beginning or end is no good. We’ve already talked about how to write a powerful introduction so today, we’re talking about 6 easy ways to end a blog post.

How you end a blog post is just as important as the beginning and all the good stuff in the middle! And I’ve seen some really, really awkward endings…or none at all!

Here are 6 ways to end a blog post that will feel like a shiny ribbon on a beautiful present.

6 Easy Ways to End a Blog Post

1. Summarize

You’ll notice I always summarize my blog post in one key sentence at the end of the post. This is a great way to quickly recap the post and for people who skim to get the message, too. It might feel repetitive to you, but reinforcing your ideas in an easy-to-digest way is great for readers. (This is also part of the structure I lay out in how to write the perfect blog post.)

2. Ask Readers to Share

You may have those social media widgets on the side of your blog, but asking the reader to share your post goes a long way! People are more likely to take action when you simply ask for it.

3. Encourage Community

If your blog post is a tutorial, ask people to share their creations online or in your comments section. You can also ask people their take on the article or to share their experiences. It’s a great way to encourage community and get people talking!

4. Share a Preview of the Future

Is your blog post part of a series? You can end your blog post by sharing a preview of what’s coming next in that series as well as links to previous articles in that series.

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5. Link to the Best Resources

Whether your reader is learning how to start a blog or you’re sharing your favorite of-the-moment boots, you can end your blog post by linking to the best resources on the subject. Roundup your favorite fall boots under $100, or link to your favorite blogging resources. Ending your blog post with these additional resources is a great way to add value to your post (and possibly some affiliate cash, too!)

6. Promote Your Offerings

By all means, don’t forget to promote your service or product at the end of your blog post if it’s relevant! You should always write your blogs assuming it’s the first time someone lands on your site, which means they may not know about your crazy-good offering! Include more info about your online course or fabulous printable at the end of your post.

If you feel a bit awkward about how to end your blog post, try these tricks: include a call to action, ask readers to comment and share, link to some awesome resources and self-promote!

About the author:

Marlene Srdic is the founder of Glitz & Grammar where she helps stylish brands and bloggers improve their writing skills so they can confidently connect with and attract their ideal audience to grow their blogs. She also runs her own fashion and lifestyle blog, Life with Mar, which helps modern moms feel stylish with simple tips and everyday outfit ideas. You can find her on Instagram @marlenesrdic and get her free e-book with 5 Secrets to Effortless Style here.