Happy August, Sisters! With September just around the corner, we know you might have changing leaves and pumpkin spice lattes on the brain — but August isn’t over yet! We’ve got the tools you need to help you hustle your way through the rest of the dog days of summer.

Everything you need to succeed is within reach, and your #SCSisters are here to support your dreams and goals. This is your guide to all things SC for the month of August, so you know what to expect and how to take advantage of everything we have to offer. Let’s get right to it (and bonus points: print this page and put it in your blogging binder with all your SC worksheets and courses!).

August Schedule:

What do we have to help you slay this month? We have all the monthly must-haves — a new stock photo, our amazing brand directory, and of course our September Blog Prep Kit. But wait; there’s more! Our weekly challenges are still going strong in our members-only Facebook Group. Plus, stay tuned for updates to some of your favorite worksheets and templates.

A new stock photo will be added to our stock photo library at the start of the new month!

Check the brand directory for new brands looking to work with influencers on all levels. We’re adding new partners every week and there’s something for everyone.

Our weekly challenge from July continues in our Facebook Group to help you improve your storytelling, create genuine connections with your followers, and grow your following organically.

Need a resource that helps you create a magnetic headline, every time? We’re updating our 295 power words worksheet later this month.

We’re updating our brand partnerships project management template with a Google Sheet campaign tracker, created by #SCSister, Chelsea Slayter. Thank you so much for sharing this amazing resource that you created with our community.

The September Blog Prep Kit is coming your way mid-month (get August’s here!).

Limited spots to our VIP membership will be opening back up mid-month.

Plus, all things NYFW:

NYFW is on its way! Between our NYFW guide and our new NYFW Masterclass, we’ve got all the info you need to take on NYC in style. Plus, we’re partnering up with Ann Taylor for an incredible event on September 6th!

Make sure you get your hands on our NYFW guide for classic members (find it here) and our brand new NYFW Masterclass for VIP members (coming out mid-month when the VIP membership opens again).

We’ll be hosting an event in partnership with Ann Taylor on Sept 6 from 5pm-7pm! Don’t forget to RSVP mid-month when invites go out so you don’t miss the opportunity to meet your #SCSisters (and SC Founder, Annie Spano) IRL!

In need of NYFW show invites? We’ll be collecting information from members mid-August so that you receive up to 6 show invites by the end of August!

Easy, done-for-you Templates:

As always, our worksheets and templates are here to help you with anything and everything you could ever need as a bossbabe. We have resources for blog post ideas, goal-setting, pitching, giveaways, invoicing, and more!

200 Blog Post Ideas & Topic Frames to Inspire You

Microsoft Word Easy to Edit Media Kit Templates

Setting Goals as a Newbie Blogger

Contract & Invoice Templates

RSS E-mails: Tips for Being Not So #BASIC

Pitching Templates

Never Miss a Step with our Blog Post Audit Checklist

Checklist of 100+ ways to promote your post online

Giveaway Case Study Template

How to get into RewardStyle Tip Sheet


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