Add an H to “nice” and you have NICHE. If only identifying your blogging niche was that easy! It takes time to really identify your niche audience and connect with them to a point where you feel comfortable enough to put all of your flaws on the table. So why do you need a niche audience anyway?

A niche audience is a specific, focused group that you want to connect with by using your blog and/or personal brand. Identifying your blogging niche makes a difference as it can act as a guide for content creation and communicating your point of view on any topic. For example, if your blogging niche consists of 30 something-year-old working moms, you may decide to create content on what to wear to work, work- life balance or tips on what to do for a quick, yet fun night out.

When I started my blog, I had no idea what my blogging niche would be but after some time, I finally figured it out. My main audience is comprised of 29-35-year-old women who love the intersection of travel and fashion. This group sews their own clothes and enjoys designer shoes and bags. When I learned the intricacies and behaviors of this niche, I catered my content to their needs. I went from Biochemist to Blogger in just a year and did so by featuring my own designs on my blog and sharing my travel reviews on recent adventures around the globe.

No matter what your blogging niche, remember an audience exists that is looking to connect with someone like you. Here are my top 3 tips for identifying your blogging niche.

What Does your Audience Love About You?

Yes, you have a lot to offer but what does your audience want?

Your audience loves your personality, style and how you pose for photos but what value do you bring to their lives? Your readers may want to learn a new DIY, find out what book to pick up this month or how to wear the latest trends but they want to hear it from your perspective. This is what makes you unique and valuable to their world.

Examine your blog post numbers and they will reveal more than just your blogging niche but your strengths. Once you acknowledge your strongest blog posts, consistently feature these topics on your blog and they will become your signature posts. This is what will keep you readers coming back, each… and…. every time.

Look at the Demand

Before you really dive into creating content, do your research. Consider the emerging topics, issues and concerns of your potential niche audience and develop your own point of view. Look for topics and groups that not many people are talking about and connect with them. Eventually you will become the expert in this area and to this group.

For example, I connected with readers that love to sew and enjoy the process of clothing design. In my blog posts, I describe how I made certain pieces and why I selected certain fabrics. I write about this topic because these are the details my audience wants to know. I am also meeting the demand for fashionable sewists in the blogging world.

Think Outside the Blog Post

Your blog is only one way to connect with the people in your blogging niche. The words on your blog cannot be the entirety of your brand. Find other ways to interact with your blogging niche audience, be it live chats, contests or dialogues in the comment sections of your blog and/or social media posts. Interaction beyond the blog post really identifies your true supporters and what they want to hear from you.

Every month I host a live chat via Instagram to answer any questions I get from my followers. They get to know me better and I get to share more beyond the blog post. Keep your readers coming back for more by creating a bond with them using your personality and your personal brand.

If you have just started a blog last month or have been doing it for years, make sure you have identified your blogging niche. Find out what your audience loves about you, look at the demand in the blogging world and connect with your audience outside of the blog post. With these tips, you will be on your way to blogging success with your audience supporting you 100%.

-Aquila Farrell,

@MsChurchDress Twitter / Instagram / Snapchat


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