affiliate links

Affiliate programs help you earn money as a percentage of sales when someone makes a purchase with your tracking link. Today’s post is packed full of our best tips to monetize your influence with affiliate links, including ways to market products that you don’t even own!

1. Add an image to your sidebar. You can put an image (or an ad) for the brand in your sidebar for readers to click as they scroll through your blog. However, this is a very passive strategy for monetizing and may not yield the best results.

2. Do a fashion round-up post. We always see our girls doing these posts and we just LOVE them. Using this type of post allows you to curate looks for your readers who may need help figuring out all of the trends! We’ve linked an example below, but when you link to products in your round up, make sure you use your affiliate links!


3. Dressing room diaries. It’s not always about resources, it’s about resourcefulness. You don’t need to spend tons of $$ on new clothing to write about it on your blog. Head to your nearest department store, take a bunch of dressing room selfies wearing the items you LOVE, and make a dressing room diaries post, making sure you link your picks with your affiliate links! These candid photos ALWAYS do really well on Instagram. We saw our girl Tory posting her #NSALE dressing room diaries and get 850+ likes on that photo.

Torey's Treasures NSALE Dressing Room Diaries

4. BONUS TIP: After scouting tons of fashion apps, we have found the a fashion social networking app that allows you to monetize your IG content and be more visible for work by your location as a blogger. You can make your Instagram easily shoppable without asking or needing your fans to sign up to anything to see what your are wearing. Instead, you can take the URL of your images and post the images on Twitter, FB, Pinterest etc, easily allowing you to make commissions on the sales. It’s seriously so versatile and our new favoritel! We are sharing the deets about this app exclusively with SC babes on this topic. If you aren’t a member and want in, join now!

I hope that you found these tips helpful! Comment below with your thoughts or share this post on Facebook if you loved these tips as much as we do.