After all the hard work you put in to coming up with creative content, would you hate us if we told you there was more to blogging than just great ideas, taking pics, and writing? (See our Blog Prep Kits for content ideas!)

We know that putting together a blog post is an epic accomplishment! So why not reap the rewards of your hard work by setting up a system that gets you a return on your effort, even after you hit “post”?

So, let’s talk about your blog posts. They are all your little children, unique in every way, and you care for all of them. The energy you put into each should be cherished, and people should be reading these masterpieces long after you have shared them!!! But, how do you do that? There are many simple ways to audit your blog posts to be sure you get views now, and in the future. (PS: Scroll down to the bottom to download our Blog Post Audit checklist!) 

Do these before you hit publish!
  • SEO keyword phrase identified
  • Post written and edited
  • Key related posts are linked within or after post
  • Relevant affiliate links added throughout
  • SEO optimized (Yoast green light – scroll down to #4, part A for more details!)
  • Pinterest graphic is made (vertical)
  • Facebook graphic is made (horizontal)
  • Images are re-named (using SEO phrase) and re-sized images have alt tags filled out for Pinterest
  • Opt-in created for post (if desired)
  • Opt-in graphic made and sign-up box embedded in post
After publishing…
  • Post image has been pinned to relevant board(s) on Pinterest
  • Post has been added into Social Media schedule
  • Post has been sent to relevant sites for features (if desired)



A. Pick a topic

As the editor of your blog, it’s important to develop a story you will tell through your post and photos. Feeling like you are in a topic rut? SC has you covered! Pick your favorite topic from our Blog Prep Kit and let the creative juices start flowing!

B. Choose a generator

You might be thinking: WTF is that? Not the thing you use when the power goes out, but a CATCHY and EMOTIONALLY CHARGED headline you can use for your blog post title! You want to think about how you are helping, educating, or providing inspiration for your readers. Pick your favorite generator from the content planner on the next page or develop your own based on what you are passionate about!



A. Why you need to use SEO
  1. Search engines help users find what they’re looking for and what they want/need.
  2. Search engines are the doorway to the Internet, and the search industry is huge (obvious, but true).
  3. Top of search = top of mind awareness.
  4. People trust organic search (aka Google).
  5. Search reaches people at every phase of the purchase loop.
B. Key phrases

Key phrases are the foundation of search, so we need to identify keywords your target audience will be using when searching Google. There are two main things to focus on when choosing a keyword: search volume and competition.

Search Volume: How many searchers are using that phrase to find something?

Competition: How many other websites are targeting that same phrase?

C. Keyword research
  1. Brainstorm a few phrases that describe the topic of your post or questions/needs of your target audience.
  2. Use Google Keyword Planner to start researching keywords/phrases that have a search volume of 1,000 – 8,000 searches per month.
  3. Document the search volume for each set of keywords you research and test your search in Google. This will give you an idea of the competition you are trying to out rank. You don’t want to compete with retailers; you want to compete with other fashion publications so your content will rank in Google!
D. How to use Google Keyword Planner
  1. Go to Google Keyword Planner
  2. Search for new keywords using a phrase, website or category.
  3. Click “get ideas.”
  4. Look at search term volume for that specific set of keywords and keyword ideas.
  5. Change/adjust your keywords as necessary.
  6. Write down keyword phrases and their search volume (worksheet on next page).
  7. Double check your search in Google to see your competition and who you are trying to out rank.


Now that you have your topic, generator, keywords, editorial calendar, and creative inspiration completed, it’s time to plan your blog post, outfit, and photography!

A. Blog post outline and blog post research
Plan your intro, body, and conclusion so you know how to plan your outfit and poses for the shoot.
Research the brand that is sponsoring you and the item you will be wearing.
B. Outfit planner
Plan your outfit, hair, and makeup around the sponsored item.
Make sure your outfit supports the story you plan on telling in your blog post.
C. Shot list planner
Write down exactly what you will be wearing, including accessories and your handbag.
Plan out how you’ll do your hair, makeup, and nails.
Think about your shot location and poses so they tie to your content/story.

Blog post intro paragraph
Blog post body outline
Blog post closing and call to action
Printed Cotton Dress (sponsored/hero item)
Cross body Bag
Wedges or Flats
Nautical Jewelry
Shop The Look links
Reader Questions
Share This Post
Disclose Partnership (FTC)


A. Optimizing your post for SEO
  1. Use your key phrase in the title and as close to the beginning of your post as possible.
  2. Use your key phrase a few times throughout the body of your post (at least 3 times).
  3. Make sure your post URL includes your key phrase in the link.
  4. Use the Yoast SEO Plugin to update your SEO title, meta description, and focus keyword (key phrase).
B. Optimizing your photos for SEO
  1. Rename all photos to include your key phrase before uploading to your media folder.
  2. Add unique alt-tags to each photo to include your key phrase.
  3. Don’t copy and paste the exact same alt-tag to every single photo, otherwise Google with mark you as spam!


Sharing your posts on social media gives you real-time feedback of how followers are interacting with your content. It can help give you ideas for future posts, as well!

  1. Instagram
  2. Twitter
  3. Facebook
  4. Google+
  5. Any other social networks you use.
  6. Share your post in our Link Love group on Style Collective.


Download the Blog Post Audit Checklist!


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