No matter what your opinion on pumpkin spice is, Fall is nearly here! You know that great content is the backbone of your blog, but let’s pause for a second. Content can be overwhelming and even disappointing sometimes. Remembering to look ahead 4 or 6 weeks and set aside time to make content is hard work. How many of you have realized a holiday is happening and scrambled to produce content about it? Yep. We’ve all been there. 

That’s why SC has put together a complete blog prep kit for the month of September for our members! We are here to support you and help you be the best bloggers you can be! We’ve included stats and facts about what people are doing and shopping for, photo shoot ideas, and a complete downloadable calendar with holidays. You know your audience best, so pick and choose what you like and what will suit your niche.

Scroll down to download our desktop calendar and printable planner for September!

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Market Analysis & What People Are Shopping For

What You Should Be Planning For & Content Ideas

Important Dates

Summer Instagram Hashtags

Market Analysis:

For every Blog Prep Kit, Style Collective examines the trends and predictions for marketing, retail, and influencer marketing so you don’t have to. Our aim is to make these trends approachable and actionable. Moreover, this research helps us create timely content to help our SC sisters have a competitive edge in the blogging sphere!

Let’s get to it!

Thank God it’s Friday night and I just-just-just-just-juuuuuust got paid! The economy is heating up along with the temperatures this summer, and the pace of economic growth may be the strongest in several years. As of this week, the National Retail Federation (NRF) boosted its retail forecast for 2018, saying it now expects sales to rise a minimum of 4.5% over last year. It gets better: retail sales in the first half of 2018 grew 4.8% year over year and have been up 4.4% in the most recent three-month moving average (source). The economy going forward is entering the second half of 2018 with above-trend growth momentum. “Inflation pressures are modest, fuel has come from the fiscal stimulus of tax reform, there are few signs of decelerating job growth, and income and wealth are increasing (source).”

Back-to-school shopping is in focus, but shoppers are holding out for the best promotions before actually buying, according to research from Deloitte and the National Retail Federation. Household spending on clothing, supplies, computers and electronics for children in grades K- 12 is expected to reach nearly $28 billion this year and it’s a large season where consumers prefer stores over online shopping. Where will back to school shopping take place? NRF believes that 55% of K-12 shoppers plan to shop online, while 49% of college shoppers will go online. If it makes sense for your blog, take advantage of this engaged (and ready to buy) audience (source). The top retailers for back to school will be Target (duh), Walmart, Dollar General, T.J. Maxx, J.C. Penney, Claire’s Gymboree, and Amazon (shocker). Get the full scoop here.

End-of-summer sales are bananas. Items like grills, patio furniture, garden equipment, and lawn mowers will be significantly discounted and many people will be looking for deals. Labor Day sales will be huge, and e-commerce is where it is at (more about that in a second). #winenotwednesday, comin in strong: anticipate seasonal commodities, like wine, to be a focus for consumers. The economy is strong and people are celebrating, and that means alcohol purchases. In addition, winemakers start to release new vintages in September as the harvest season is fully underway. Leverage this to discuss your favorite seasonal and/or local products!

E-commerce is flourishing, especially e-commerce and social media (hello, influencer marketing!). Unsurprisingly, “e-commerce and social media are on the rise as consumers become increasingly connected to digital platforms (source).” Brands and retailers are hot on influencer marketing, which is great news for you! “There is a saying that a picture is worth a thousand words, but who really wants to write that much when you are trying to find something quickly,” Ebay stated in a blog post, further proving that everyone is still onboard that visual content trumps everything else.


What people are going to be shopping for:

  • Back-to-school (for themselves or their children). Gen Z (largest generation in U.S. history) is entering college!
  • End-of-summer sales for discounted seasonal items (think lawn mowers, outdoor furniture, and grills).
  • Electronics (think laptops (on-sale this time of year due to back-to-school shopping), smartphones (Apple announces the new generation in early fall, causing carrier sales and deals to clear out older inventory), and many stores will be having Labor Day sales on other bigger ticket items, like cameras).
  • Travel (September is usually a quiet month for vacations and airfare prices drop, which is the perfect time to buy plane tickets for the holiday season).

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What You Should Be Planning For & Content Ideas:

Consider this your roadmap for September events and activities!

Seasonal Activities

Labor Day:

  • 5 Fresh and Simple Recipes to Bring to a BBQ
  • The Ultimate Summer Salsa (For Girls Who Can’t Cook!)
  • My Favorite Ways to Mac & Cheese
  • 9 Unique Hot Dog Combinations
  • Break the Rules With an All-White Labor Day Party
  • Layering for a Hot OR Cold Labor Day
  • Labor Day Looks to Copy

End of Summer/Early Fall activities (things to do while it’s still warm!):

  • Local Brewery/Winery Tasting Around [City]
  • 5 Best Chardonnays for the Fireside
  • DIY Bicycle Tour Around [City] + Printable Guide

New York Fashion Week:

  • Trend Predictions for SS19
  • Trend watch and NYFW Recap
  • My Dream NYFW Itinerary

(Check out Vogue’s Top Trends of Fall 2018!)


  • How to Properly Caramelize Apples
  • The BEST Autumn Sangria!
  • 10 Favorite Fall Cookie Recipes


  • Favorite Carryons for a Last Minute Getaway
  • Top 5 Cities to see Fall Foliage for a Long Weekend
  • Best Places to go for a Summer-y Trip in September
  • The 8 Cheapest (but Incredible!) Destinations for a Fall Vacation

Other personal events:

  • How to Dress Warmly but Fashionably at a Fall Wedding
  • 4 Tastiest Places to Enjoy Happy Hour Around [City]  
  • How to Dress for the Office (When the AC is Still Blasting but it’s Getting Chilly Outside!)


Fashion and Style

End of summer and early fall trends:

Run wild with this! End of summer and early fall fashion trends are revolving around vintage and vintage-inspired (think fur, glitter boots, vibrant plaids (70’s not 90’s!), shoulder pads, and fishnet), notes of Americana (think western… leather everything, cowhide crop tops and vests (rodeo experience not required)) and boldly wearing red (it’s the official color of Fall 2017!). Lace up is out, buttons are in!

Go through the trends and find different pieces of clothing and accessories you like and assemble a digital mood board with links that show how you would wear the trends.

Fall Fashion:

Getting your closet prepared for September can be tricky. For some people, September is still very hot. For others, September marks the descent into winter. September is definitely a transitional month and your readers will have the seasonal change on their mind in September. Consider these ideas:

  • Utilitarian Jumpsuits and the Boots That Pair With Them
  • Fall Color Watch (check out Pantone’s Fashion Color Report for Fall 2018!)
  • Bright Scarves and 5 New Ways to Wear Them
  • 1980s Accessories Under $30
  • Take Your Sparkle To Another Dimension: 3-D
  • How to Wear Hats
  • Logo Wear with Taste
  • Shag Coats You Need On Your Wishlist

Summer to Fall Wardrobe:

Getting your closet organized before the next season rolls around is a good idea, especially if your readers live in a climate where fall and winter are quite different than summer. Give these topics a try:

  • How to Transition Your Summer Wardrobe to Fall (Without Buying Anything New!)
  • 5 Summer Fads That Will Still Be Trendy This Fall
  • Key Components of a Perfect Early Fall Outfit
  • 11 of the Best Cardigans to Transition Your Summer Wardrobe to Fall
  • How to Pull off Fall Florals

Labor Day Sales:

There are so many end-of-summer and Labor Dale sales and so many potential topics. Use this as an opportunity to push yourself and give your readers something unexpected! Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Labor Day Sale Lookbook: Go through all of the Labor Day sales and put together a lookbook of how you style your purchases and provide links for your readers to shop (see Market Analysis section above for more on e-commerce and retail trends!)
  • Labor Day Sales: What to Snag and What to Skip
  • Must-Buy Sandals on Clearance (That Will Still be Cool Next Summer!)

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Important Dates:

Attending SC’s NYFW party and seeing shows at NYFW?! Write a recap of your experience! Love working out? Compile a list of your go-to workouts! Really into podcasts? Compile your favorite podcasts of all time!

Style Collective’s Style Challenge:

We are SO EXCITED about the Style Collective STYLE CHALLENGE. If you haven’t heard of it yet, here’s the deal: Each week, we release a new theme to get your creative juices flowing! Ever get into a content rut? Or feel like you really want to connect with other women in our community, but you’re not sure where to start? Is your Instagram reach high but engagement low? Have fun and run wild with each theme to adapt it to fit your blog/Instagram/etc. A style challenge is a FUN way to keep your content fresh and connect with SC Sisters.

Join our weekly style challenge for a chance to be reposted as one of our top picks on a #FollowFriday carousel. (PS: Don’t forget to use #SCStyleChallenge on your Instagram post so we can share your awesome content on the Style Collective Instagram!)

For all of the details, check out the Style Challenge page!

September Important Dates, Holidays, and Events:

  • August 28 – September 10: US Open (Flushing Meadow, NY)
  • September 4: Labor Day
  • Septermber 6: NFL Season Starts
  • September 7: #SCCon18 at NYFW Event (click here to get your ticket!)
  • September 7-14: New York Fashion Week
  • September 15: Quarterly Taxes due
  • September 15-19: London Fashion Week
  • September 22: Autumnal Equinox
  • September 23 – October 1: World Rowing Championships (Sarasota, FL)
  • September 20-25: Milan Fashion Week
  • September 26-October 3: Paris Fashion Week

Hashtag Holidays: September 2018

  • September 5: Cheese Pizza Day #NationalCheesePizzaDay
  • September 6: Read A Book Day #NationalReadABookDay
  • September 7: Beer Lover’s Day #NationalBeerLoversDay
  • September 12: National Day of Encouragement #NationalDayofEncouragement
  • September 15: National Online Learning Day #NationalOnlineLearningDay
  • September 16: National Working Parents Day #NationalWorkingParentsDay
  • September 22: American Business Women’s Day #AmericanBusinessWomensDay
  • September 26: National Women’s Health & Fitness Day #NationalWomensHealthandFitnessDay
  • September 29: Coffee Day #InternationalCoffeeDay
  • September 30: International Podcast Day #InternationalPodcastDay

Feel free to use these graphics on your Instagram Story to celebrate a hashtag holiday! Tag us so that we can say hi over DM. 🙂

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End of Summer/Early Fall Instagram Hashtags:

Make sure the content you have worked so hard on is being seen! We’ve compiled a list of end of summer and early fall themed hashtags to aid you in the social media publication process.

New York Fashion Week:

#instastyle #fashionshow #lookbook #fashionphotography #outfitoftheday #outfitpost #lookoftheday #fashionlover #fashionable #fashiondesigner #fashionblog#fashiondesign #fashiondiaries #fashiondaily #fashionstyle #styleoftheday #fashiongram #fashiongirl #nycprimeshot #what_i_saw_in_nyc #ig_nycity #ig_great_shots_nyc #icapture_nyc #NYFW #SS19 #NYFW2018 #NYFW18 #SS2019 #SS19Collection #MBFW #MBFW18 #MBFW2018

Late Summer/Early Fall Lifestyle Hashtags:

#ABMovesSummer #FlashesOfDelight #ClassyAndFashionable #HowIsSummer #WhereToFindMe #RSSummer #CreateCultivate #SimpleBeyond #TheHappyNow #DarlingWeekend #PursueWhatIsLovely #SoDomino #MyUnicornLife #IAmTheEveryGirl

Late Summer/Early Fall Fashion Hashtags:

#FallFashion #FallStyle #Fashionista #StyleOfTheDay #FashionStyle #BeachBabe #Stylegram #TodaysDetails #DetailsOfTheDay #TodayWearing #StyleInfluencer #PersonalStyle #CurrentlyWearing #Fblogger #RealOutfitGram #FashionDiaries #WIDN #ABMovesSummer #ClassyAndFashionable #FallWardrobe #FallLook #ltkunder100 #AutumnStyle #SweaterWeather #ShoeQueen

General Late Summer/Early Fall Hashtags:

#Vacay #Summer #Sunny #Sun #Sunrise #Sunset #Sunshine #Beach #Hot #SummerTime #SummerFun #SummerDay #SummerNight #SummerLove #Summer2018 #SummerWeather #SummerGoals #InstaSummer #SummerSolstice #LongestDay #BeachLife #BeachTime #VacationTime #Fall #Autumn #Leaves #Nature #AutumnLeaves #Trees #Nature #AutumnColors #autumncolors #autumn2018 #fall2018 #seasons #season #autumntime #fallweather #nature #autumncolours #autumnsky #autumnday #autumnleaves #falltime #red #leaf #autumnal #orange #foliage

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We hope this gets your creative juices flowing! Our goal with the Blog Prep Kit is to give you encouragement and support to tackle your content, so comment below if there are things you’d like to see more/less of next month. We want to hear how you’ll make these ideas come to life, so be sure to share with us (comment below!) what your blogging plans for September are. Happy creating, babes!

Click here to download our desktop calendar for September!