We love our community, so each month, we’re bring you an interview to shine a light on some of our incredible, inspiring SC Sisters. October’s feature is wellness, fashion, and lifestyle blogger Ogechi Adaku!

What inspired you to start blogging?

When I started my blog, I was in a job that was stifling and needed and wanted a creative outlet. It started as an online journal and has grown into a space to share beauty, wellness, and lifestyle tips.

What motivates you?

I know it sounds cliché, but helping people truly inspires me. Sharing tips, favorites, or life experiences in the hopes of adding a bit of joy or insight to someone’s life is what motivates me.

How do you stay true to yourself in the online space?

I am lucky to have friends and family that will call me on my BS so I am never really tempted to be inauthentic. I am still growing and have an engaged audience that will notice inauthentic content and I never want to ruin that trusting relationship.

Is your blog a hobby, a business, or somewhere in between? 

I would say somewhere in between. I have a full time job along with my personal training business, so this is a way to channel my various passions while making some income in sponsored content or affiliate marketing campaigns.

What are your dreams/goals for the future of your blog?

I would love to increase my reach further and grow in the kinds of brands I partner with.

What is your favorite thing about blogging?

You own it! Unlike other platforms, your content “lives” for as long as you determine and there is a power in being able to allow the content to grow as you grow without fear of algorithms and platform priorities.

What are your tips/words of advice for women who want to start blogging/break into the influencer space?

Just start. I didn’t have a narrow niche (and still don’t) but being yourself and finding your unique take and style is exciting and can also be discovered by just starting. Don’t let overthinking and researching hold you back.

Where can we find you?

My blog is http://gechmeifyoucan.com and I am on all socials at @gechmeifyoucan.

“There is a power in being able to allow the content to grow as you grow.”

What do you love about SC?

I love the tips and encouragement of the Facebook group. I had always imagined working with brands and going to fashion shows, and meeting and learning in the group has helped me grow as a blogger.