When entering into the blogging community you quickly gain an understanding of all the hard work behind the glitz and glam of your favorite bloggers. Not only do you have the title of “blogger” but you also become an influencer, photographer, editor, creator, model, social media coordinator, marketer, and so much more. Your job doesn’t stop at the title “blogger” but rather a boss babe that handles many aspects (if not all) of your overall vision that makes up your blog.

Usually, bloggers are very creative individuals. We live for content that speaks to us and wants our readers to have the same reaction. When I first started my blog, Roses and Mimosas, it was a way of keeping family and friends up to date with my abroad experiences. My blog posts were a mix of photos off the internet and my own content. With time and practice, I realized I got better feedback and self-satisfaction with the posts that were 100% mine. I went from blog posts that took less than an hour to write to blog posts that would take days to create. Yes, it is a lot more work but it is so very rewarding and now I can’t imagine it any other way.

No matter what your blog is about, you can find recourses for time management and that extra help we all need to continue making our blogs the best they can be!

1. Your Blog

Consistency is KEY. If you want the traffic that your blog deserves you should be posting once a week…minimum. I try to post every Sunday and while we all get caught up in our busy lives and schedules…it is possible to stay consistent. At the beginning of every month, I sit down on my laptop and brainstorm blog post topics that may correspond with plans/trends that month.

For example, July may consist of blog titles, such as How to Red, White, and Blue, July Must-Haves, The Sunless Tan, Stay Cool with this new Hair Trend…you get the idea. This is such a simple step to keep yourself on track and to stay organized. Before I did this I would go weeks without posting because I didn’t have a plan. Having ideas of blog posts helps because you can plan outfits, photography, location, and all the little things in between ahead of time leaving you stress-free!

2. Photography

A lot of bloggers, like myself, are also photographers or at least have an interest or understanding of photography. In today’s world many viewers don’t have the patience or desire to read your photo caption, let alone a whole blog post, so your content is key to grab the attention of your readers. Whether you do your own photography or hire a photographer knowing the basics can be extremely helpful in your blogging career and you can learn it all for free! (Thanks, YouTube) If you don’t have the budget to hire a photographer and you have decent skills but need someone to photograph you, collaborate with other bloggers! A lot of bloggers don’t have the budget to hire photographers, so many will love the idea of helping each other out. Another option is to get a tripod from Amazon and a remote to take your own photos! Editing skills are a MUST. You can take the most amazing photos but if the editing isn’t done correctly it will detrimental to your post. I usually use VSCO on my phone when I am on the go, it has amazing presets and you can also edit all the lighting there as well. For more in-depth editing I recommend Lightroom from Adobe Creative Cloud. You can edit photos in bulk and they come out really clean.

Blogging, Photography, and Social Media: A Triple Threat Blogging, Photography, and Social Media: A Triple Threat

3. Social Media

Okay so your photos are done and your blog is posted…now what? Social media!! Without social media, I wouldn’t have gotten half the traffic I’ve gotten to my blog. One of the features I love about WordPress is that it tells you where your traffic is coming from. Site visits, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, manually typing in the URL…yeah, it’s pretty amazing and very useful! Your blog should be spread through social media. I find Instagram to be the most effective.  Your page is like a mini portfolio of who you are and what you do. It drives people with similar interests to your page as well as your blog and this is where you create your personal brand. My three biggest tips to get the most out of social media will play a big role in your blogging career.

  1. Create a cohesive environment that portrays a lifestyle. You may be posting great photos but are they consistent and cohesive? When potential followers visit your page they should be inspired by the overall look and content of your page and really get a feel for the type of blogger you are. To help stay organized and plan posts accordingly to my blog posts I use the app Planoly.
  2. Use Instagram tools and features to their best potential. Use hashtags that pertain to your photo on your posts. Personally, I don’t like the look of hashtags so I put them in a comment below my caption. (I have the hashtags ready in my notes so I can copy and paste them as soon as I post the photo.) Tag other profiles! What are you wearing? Tag them. Where are you eating? Tag them. This can lead to pages reposting your photos which will drive traffic to your page.
  3. Engage, engage, engage. It takes time and patience but engaging with your current followers and creating a “relationship” will build trust within your readers, therefore they will want to hear what you have to say. Every morning and every night I spend about thirty minutes engaging with users that are similar to mine. That includes liking photos, commenting, and maybe even a follow or two. Followers don’t mean anything if they don’t care what you are posting about. Quality over quantity. I also love collaborating with other bloggers and influencers. I usually go for the pages with similar following ranges and will shoot them a message asking to collaborate. Building an empire is hard when you’re alone, get involved in the blogger community around you and help each other grow!

Blogging, Photography, and Social Media: A Triple Threat

-Michaela Kotob, www.rosesnmimosas.com

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