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If you are just starting a blog, or polishing up your skills as a veteran blogger, joining Style Collective is always the right choice. With everything we have to offer, you will find at least a few things that will change. Your. Life. From blogging resources and brand contacts, to pure friendship and genuine camaraderie, we work hard behind the scenes here at SC to deliver what you need. Each week, we produce relevant and timely content to ensure you are at the forefront of trends and hone your skill set, and we also produce quarterly E-Courses and Guides on topics that make up the backbone of a blogger’s repertoire. But you may have missed some posts! Or, if you are new here, you might not be quite sure where to begin! And while these aren’t ALL of our e-courses, blog posts, and resources (there are SO many that we offer here at Style Collective) they certainly give you a great place to begin!

Not Sure Where to Start?

Are you a newbie blogger looking for help getting your blog underway? Or are you a been-there, done-that veteran blogger who wants to triple check that they are doing everything the RIGHT way? We have organized some of our most relevant e-courses, blog posts, and blogging resources for Newbies, Intermediate Bloggers, and Experts below. This is just a selection of what we think is helpful for each level – but don’t stop there! Visit our Education and Resources pages for even more content. And just because you have been blogging for a while doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check out the Newbie category; all the info we provide is helpful for all levels of experience.

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Blogging Resources for


Deciding to start a blog can be a thrilling (and scary) decision! Your mind is probably swimming with ideas and visions of your shiny new blog. But where do you start? Here’s a list of the 14 essential blogging resources you need to get going!

E-courses and Guides:

How To Brand Yourself Like An Instagram It-Girl: Resource Guide

Identify your “why” and define who “she” is with this 5-day brand strategy guide. It takes you step by step through creative research, teaching you about the nuances of visual strategy, photo placement for an awesome feed, and tons of bonus materials. You’re now an IT-GIRL!

How To Meet-Up And Team Up With Your SC Sisters!

Community, sisterhood, and support are part of the core beliefs and mission of Style Collective – so jump right in there! Meet other like-minded bloggers in your area and experience sponsored events together. We are all in this together, and part of our community is learning from one another, too! You aren’t in this alone. Meet up for coffee or help host a local brunch! Mimosas, anyone?

Blog Posts:

From launching your blog, to marketing it to increase traffic, these eight blog posts are the perfect jumping off point for any new blogger.

How To Launch A Fashion And Lifestyle Blog
Find Your Why and Stick To It
Is Your Blog A Hobby Or A Business? It’s Important To Decide: Here’s Why.
Before Worrying About Your SEO, Do This!
Getting Started With Google Analytics
4 Tips To The Creations & Promotion Of Your Brand On Instagram
Four SEO Basics To Help You Get More Readers!
Learn How to Market Your Blog And Increase Traffic!

Printables and Templates:

Setting Goals As A Newbie Blogger: Quiz & Goal Setting Worksheet
Media Kit & Stock Photo Templates For Bloggers
200 Blog Post Ideas And Topic Frames To Inspire You
How To Fit SC Into Your Day Even If You Only Have 5 Minutes & Worksheet

Blogging Resources for

Intermediate Bloggers

If you are looking into monetizing your blog (or maybe you already have) these tools are essential for you to take the next steps toward success with your blog.

E-courses and Guides:

SC Affiliate Program

Looking to dip your toes into some monetization? Style Collective’s Affiliate Program is the perfect place to start! This guide takes you through how to set up your account and dashboard, and several ideas on how to promote SC to other bloggers, like writing a blog post or creating a community page (plus, so much more). Then, when other influencers join Style Collective using your affiliate link, you get cash money. Cha-ching! You just monetized your blog!

How To Win At Pitching Brand Partnerships: E-Course

We all get nervous (or downright terrified) to pitch to brands. The fear of rejection, the sleepless nights waiting for a reply, the time and effort put in to sound like you actually know what you are talking about! Well, it’s all here: everything you need to feel confident sending out your first (and second and third…) brand pitches. From tips on finding brand contacts, to the proposal details and closing the deal, this course has it all.

Blog Posts:

These eight blog posts are perfect for any seasoned blogger looking to grow and move forward with reaching their goals. From refining your branding game to SEO tips, we’ve got you covered.

7 Critical Branding Lessons You Need To Know NOW to UP Your Game!
How To Be More Of A #Bossbabe
How To Pose In Photos Like A Fashion Blogger
5 Ways To Get The Most From Your Ladyboss Tribe
SEO 101 Series: Top 10 Best Practices
Monetizing Your Influence: How To Turn Your Passion Into Profit
Getting Reposted By Brands: It’s Easier Than You Think!
SEO Keyword Research Tips

Printables and Templates:

Goal Setting For #Girlbosses (Plus A Worksheet!)
Staying True To Yourself While Blogging
How To Win At Emailing
The Blog Post Audit (Before You Post) + Checklist

Blogging Resources for


You may have been blogging for a while, but maybe you feel like there’s something more, or there’s something you missed along the way. It isn’t too late to learn something new! The industry is changing all the time, and we keep you informed on how to stay ahead of the game.

E-courses and Guides:

NYFW Insider Tips For Bloggers: Resource Guide

Attending NYFW is the ultimate experience for any fashion blogger. Many have dreamed of it for years, and we are here to help you see that dream come to fruition, and more. This guide will walk you though finding the NYFW schedule and brand contacts, perfecting your pitch, and even what to pack! There is NOTHING like this resource guide out there, and we have it here, just for you, sister.

How To Work With Brands Like A #Girlboss: 10 Day E-Course

This 10-day E-Course will change. Your. Life. You will learn about marketing 101, planning your content, SEO and keyword research, brand research, creative planning, blog post and shot list planning, publishing your post, the finishing touches, promoting your post, and (most importantly) brand partnership etiquette. You will walk away from this course an official #girlboss.

FTC Disclosure Rules For Social Media Influencers And Bloggers

This isn’t just for the pros – any blogger needs to know the ins and outs of FTC disclosure rules for social media. It sounds like a snooze, but you will thank your lucky stars that you read this once, twice, and three times, so you don’t end up paying hefty (and pretty outrageous) fines.

Blog Posts:

Do you want to make blogging your full-time career? What can you expense as a blogger on your taxes? These questions (and more) are answered in this curated list of blog posts we have hand-picked for our veteran bloggers.

Full Time Fashion Blogger: How To Make It Happen
3 Ways To Keep Your Fashion Blog Content Fresh
How To Overcome The Pressure Of Instagram Perfection
PR 101 Series: 3 Ways Bloggers Can Build Long-Term Relationships With PR and Brand Contacts
How To Get Invited to NYFW
How To Start An LLC For Bloggers
What You Can (and Cannot) Expense As A Blogger
This Is Critical: What Social Media Does For Your SEO

Printables and Templates:

Writing Contracts & Invoices Like A Pro
Ask For What You Want: Negotiating 101
Monthly Income Goals Worksheet For Bloggers
What’s Your Instagram Really Worth? Instagram Sponsored Post Calculator


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