Are you looking to work with brands for sponsored content? Not sure how to start or what to do? To be 100% honest, the blogging-brand world is a hot mess. There is not really a streamlined process for reaching out to brands for brand partnerships and it’s sometimes difficult to find brand contact info. It takes some detective work, but there are a few ways to find contacts, including the Style Collective Brand Directory!

Style Collective is a one-stop shop for bloggers and influencers to find brand partnerships, learn how to write a pitch and work with brands on a long term basis with our e-courses.

How to Win at Pitching Brand Partnerships

How to Work with Brands Like a #GIRLBOSS

What is the Style Collective Brand Directory?

This is where SC sisters can submit brand contact information and strengthen our community. This is an amazing resource because we get to help other SC Sisters find partnerships. Brands are also happy because you just made their job a lot easier! This is free for brands so they can pay you ladies instead of Style Collective. These brands have also opt-ed in to work with you – so they are VERY excited to get an email from a SC member.

It is literally a directory listing of brands that have submitted:

  • Contact Info: name, email, website
  • Company Category: clothing, accessories, shoes, etc
  • Collaboration Type: gifting, paid, unpaid, commission
  • Level of Influence they want to work with: low, medium, high
  • Location preference: US, Canada, International

How can I get access to this resource?

You have to be a member of Style Collective: Join Here. If you are a member, then login to the member dashboard and hover over “Members Menu” to find the direct link to the brand directory.

Brands can join via this link.

We hope that you LOVE this resource and find it helpful to find brand work! xo Team SC