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Dec 22

Follow Friday Giveaway with Rachel Zoe!

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Follow Friday Giveaway with Rachel Zoe!

January 20, 2017


Hi ladies! Our first Follow Friday for 2017 will be sponsored by Rachel Zoe! They are giving one lucky winner at $500 gift card to [url=][/url]

Important Details

[b]When[/b]: January 20

[b]How to Register[/b]: use the form below, press the “up” arrow and then fill out your information.

[b]Registration Closes[/b]: January 13th


What to Expect:

    • [url=]Jessie[/url] will contact you the week of the Follow Friday event to confirm that you are still participating.
    • Instructions will be sent on or before Thursday, January 19th.
    • You will need to post TWICE on Follow Friday, January 20th. We will provide the first photo + caption to post. You will then post a second photo of your Style Collective Sister + a caption.
    • To see previous week’s Follow Friday’s, please view the [url=]#SCFollowFriday[/url] hashtag.
    • Assignments are done randomly (using a random number generator) based on the order that you sign up.
    • You will need to keep BOTH posts up until the giveaway ends.
    • [b]Please be respectful and participate fully in this post.[/b] It is inconsiderate to sign up and then be assigned a sister to then not promote her. If by the end of the day you have not participated, we would please ask that you apologize to your assigned blogger and participate in a “make-up” #FollowFriday.


January 20, 2017
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