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SEO 101 Series: Content Strategy Tips

SEO 101 Series

In SEO, Content is King As a blogger, you may have heard the term “Content is King!” If not, its absolutely something worth remembering! When it comes to your SEO content strategy and efforts to rank high in Google search results, nothing is more important than quality. Seriously…nothing. A search engine’s goal has always been…

SEO 101 Series: 5 Link Building Tips

SEO 101 Series

What Is Link Building? Link building is an integral park of any SEO strategy, perhaps only second in importance to creating outstanding quality content. Link building involves creating backlinks; links from outside domains that link back to pages on your domain. Search engines view a link from an outside domain pointing back to your website…

5 Lessons from the Pros for Growing a Legitimate Brand and Following

style collective

We all love top influencers like Lauryn from The Skinny Confidential and Heidi from The Ambitionista. Their perfectly curated Instagram feeds and dedicated followers are something we all hope to accomplish one day. Looking at their success can leave you wondering “What’s their secret?” Luckily Jo from Le Fab Chic was able to attend The…