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Every successful blog has a strong visual aesthetic. Look no further for advice from the experts to help you refine your aesthetic and capture the perfect image every time. We have tips for photography, photo shoots, photo editing, and more!

Elevate your photography & aesthetic with tips from professional photographer, Arielle Levy

photo credit: Arielle Levy

Raise your hand if you need help elevating your photography and aesthetic! SC has you covered because today we are sitting down and chatting with Arielle Levy, a professional photographer in the San Diego area, to chat about her fearless career change and how she got into photography, the camera she uses, iPhone photo hacks,…

The BEST Instagram Husband Bloopers + Photography 101 Cheat Sheet (for him!)

Much of Instagram rests on the fingertips of unsung heroes: Instagram husbands. The term “Instagram husbands” was brought to popularity last year via a satirical video about social media that profiled men who take photos of their wives or girlfriends for Instagram. The term basically refers to anybody who takes staged photos for someone else’s…

Blogging, Photography, and Social Media: A Triple Threat

Blogging, Photography, and Social Media: A Triple Threat

When entering into the blogging community you quickly gain an understanding of all the hard work behind the glitz and glam of your favorite bloggers. Not only do you have the title of “blogger” but you also become an influencer, photographer, editor, creator, model, social media coordinator, marketer, and so much more. Your job doesn’t…