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No doubt all of you have heard of the term SEO, and how important it is for your blog. But honestly, how many of us have the time to learn about what it means? It’s hard work being a #girlboss, so maybe SEO is something that we can put towards the bottom of our to-do list. Nope! Wrong! SEO (which stands for search engine optimization) is such a critical part of creating a successful blog and online business! The principles of SEO are what causes your site to rank higher in Google, pulling in traffic to your site. Best of all, that’s FREE traffic. No paid advertisements, just showing up in the top results in Google when users search terms related to your site. However, it doesn’t happen magically. Ranking high in Google for terms relevant to your site takes careful research and planning, and knowing all about basic SEO principles.

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That’s where Style Collective has come to help! Style Collective is dedicated to helping you understand SEO principles in an easy to digest way. Our own Style Collective expert, along with SC #girlbosses that have worked their own magic with SEO, are working to create infographics and other content to help you understand SEO basics. We’ll update our SEO Category monthly with additional information and topics on how to optimize your blog for search. Be sure to follow Style Collective so you don’t miss out on this great information!

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Wondering where to start? Style Collective’s infographic on the Top 10 Best Practices for SEO is a great place to begin!

Metadata Tips to Get More Page Clicks

SEO 101 Series

Metadata sounds like one of those intimidating, technical terms. However, its meaning is quite simple! Metadata is simply data about data. In the world of webpages, Google relies heavily on metadata included within a site’s HTML in a variety of ways. Metadata is used to determine what information Google displays when your page is included…

SEO 101 Series: Content Strategy Tips

SEO 101 Series

In SEO, Content is King As a blogger, you may have heard the term “Content is King!” If not, its absolutely something worth remembering! When it comes to your SEO content strategy and efforts to rank high in Google search results, nothing is more important than quality. Seriously…nothing. A search engine’s goal has always been…

SEO 101 Series: 5 Link Building Tips

SEO 101 Series

What Is Link Building? Link building is an integral park of any SEO strategy, perhaps only second in importance to creating outstanding quality content. Link building involves creating backlinks; links from outside domains that link back to pages on your domain. Search engines view a link from an outside domain pointing back to your website…