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Social media is bigger than ever, and constantly changing — so how do you keep yourself up-to-date? SC has your back with all the latest research and data, plus tried-and-true techniques to help you make the most of your social media presence as an influencer, from IG trends, to photography tips, to brand promotion, and more.

How to Effectively Leverage Instagram’s New Multi-Content Posts

How to Effectively Leverage Instagram's New Multi-Content Posts

Instagram just released a new feature that allows users to add up to 10 (!!) pieces of content (photos, videos, and boomerangs) to a multi-content / carousel style post. This update really shows marketers and content creators just how important story telling and authenticity are for creating an emotional connection with your readers. “With this update, you…

Blogging Tips & Insights with the Babes of Blog-Doo

Blogging Tips & Insights with the Babes of Blog-Doo

Today the founders of the blog design company blog-doo, Lauryn from The Skinny Confidential and Erica from Fashionlush, are sharing their tips for #MotivationMonday! Keep reading to find out the best ways to elevate your brand, connect with readers in an authentic way and be your own #girlboss! SC: Introduce yourselves and tell us about blog-doo.…