Picking a blog name, no matter the industry, can seem impossible. We all want our blogs to have catchy, cute names—but we need to choose wisely, because as we gain popularity, the names we choose become our brands. And, of course, nothing’s more annoying than picking a blog name, typing it in, and being told: “Sorry, that name’s already been taken!” So, how do you pick the perfect name for that fashion or lifestyle blog you’ve been dying to start for years? Here’s some advice from twenty of our #SCSisters who’ve settled on the perfect names for their blogs!

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Your Family Knows You Best

Parents, siblings, children—everyone has family, and sometimes our families are our biggest sources of inspiration. Whether you borrow a family member’s name, are inspired by your children’s antics, or let your siblings choose your blog name for you, you’re sure to end up with something unique! Check out these stories from a few family inspired blogging babes.

Shell, acourageousbeauty

My blog’s name is A Courageous Beauty which is named after my daughter. Her first name is Bravely, which means Courage, and her middle name is Belle, which means Beauty. I started my blog to help women learn how to be brave with their natural beauty and personal style, and what it really means to be ‘A Courageous Beauty’.

Amanda, wethairdontcare

I struggled with a name FOREVER…I had been “trying” to start a site for about two years, but could never think of a good name. I kept texting names to my sister and had lists and lists, trying to reference anything I could think of. I had just sent her a text with a bunch names from various song lyrics I liked when she texted me back, saying, “Wet Hair, Don’t Care is still my favorite.” I responded saying I didn’t even realize that was even on the table, but I loved it. I learned how to swim before I could walk, swam competitively my whole life, and always need to be by a pool or body of water in the summer. I’ve also always had an attitude. It could not have been more perfect.

Nathalie, crayonsinmylouboutins

Well…I have an addiction to designer shoes, and I am also a mom with two kids, so my life is fashionably crazy busy (pun intended). My kids (two girls) also love to try to play with my shoes, and I have looked and found many pairs in their bedrooms or the playroom numerous times, hence my blog’s name: “Crayons in My Louboutins.”

Chrisy, chrisylindsay

When I left for college, I stole a pink cashmere sweater from my mom’s closet; she’d worn it when she was in college and I’d always loved it. So, when I started to blog, I knew I really wanted ‘cashmere’ in the title. I’d seen so many titles of “x and Cashmere,” so knew I had to scrap that format– my original was Collars & Cashmere, but the ‘&’ seemed cliché. I decided on Collared Cashmere, because I love the dichotomy between something luxurious/feminine and structured/girl-boss. I’m big on being defined by more than one aspect of your life, and I think the juxtaposition of collars and cashmere shows just that.

These Are a Few of Your Favorite Things

Blogging about fashion might be one of your favorite things, but what are the others? Gather inspiration from things you’re passionate about—favorites, hobbies, past careers, and more. These girl bosses built their blog names from things they love!

Anita, blush.n.stuff

Mine is blush.n.stuff.com. It came about because I’ve been a makeup artist for years. Clients, friends, and family have always encouraged me to become a personal shopper or start blogging about fashion, because they liked my style. So, I thought, hmm…I already know makeup (blush), and why not add in the other (stuff), too! A blog was born.

Keala, recipeforasweetlife

I had a name for a while, just didn’t do the blog part. I chose Recipe for a Sweet Life because I bake all the time, even have a side baking business. People were always asking me to start a blog and post my recipes. And then I had kids and thought about what a sweet life I am blessed to have. So, the blog name was born out of that. It’s a sort of play on words, too, I guess. My recipe for a sweet life.

Jennifer, sassyteacherchic

When I was trying to decide what to name my blog, I knew I wanted to incorporate the word ‘teacher’ because I’m a 2nd grade teacher. I love to share style tips, or “teach” what I’ve learned to others. I aim to be chic – easily put together without too much fuss. While I wish I was more sultry and sexy, I am actually more sassy. So, then the name was born: SassyTeacherChic.

Vanny, halosofshoes

I ended up with HALOSOFSHOES. I was taking a course on how to make profit blogging, and that helped me a lot. I did a lot of brainstorming on many topics about what I love and what I’m good at. Also, I had to take a look at what I receive compliments about, what people always like the most about my style. People always say I have a good taste in shoes and they’re right. I love shoes. I go crazy with a pair of heels I like!

One day in composition English class, the professor came up with an ad called “Wonderful Halos Mandarins.” I remembered the slogan of the ad: “Halos Pure Goodness, Good Choice Kid.” In that moment, I was so sure that HalosOfShoes would become my blog name. The meaning changed from goodness of mandarins to goodness of shoes.

Ariel, quintessentialmiss

I blog over at Quintessential Miss. “Quintessential” means typical of a quality or class. I love to read and “big words” have always amused me. Plus, I was trying to find a unique way to say that I am average. I think I am pretty girly, pretty nerdy, and a typical girl! I chose “Miss” because I thought it would be easy to change to “Mrs” once I get married. I had a really hard time finding a blog name and finally went with this one, because if I didn’t take the plunge, then I never would.

Amber, lovelaceandlattes

I am obsessed with lattes and anything lace. Plus, I love alliteration. So, I went with lovelaceandlattes. I almost went with lovelattesandleopard, but it was too long.

Know Thyself

Everyone has their own unique story, and if you sit and think about yours for a while, you’re sure to find some inspiration in introspection. Here are a few lovely ladies who created blog names by spending a bit of time getting to know themselves.

Sophia, blanc_mode

When I first started my blog “Blanc Mode,” it was after becoming frustrated at not knowing what my personal style was, and feeling unsatisfied every time I looked in the mirror after getting dressed in the morning. I wanted to start from scratch and document outfits I felt were “me,” to hopefully figure out what exactly I liked about those outfits. I wrote down a bunch of words that had to do with this theme, and tried different combinations until I found the one that just sounded right.

Blanc: adj. pure as the driven snow; a white background; a blank check; new beginnings; blank.

Mode: n. fashion or style in manners/dress; in relation to the fashion industry, fashion trade, or fashion magazines; prevailing style; way of life.

Thus, Blanc Mode- a new beginning to fully unearth what my style is.

Savilla, savillamountain

My blog is Vogue for Breakfast. I knew I wanted something that was unique and just “fit.” So, I sat down, took out a piece of paper, and started to just write down everything I loved. It was basically a “brain unloading.” Colors, movies, foods, hobbies, books, songs, quotes, and even adjectives like sparkly, chic, etc. Before I knew it, I had two full pages. From there, I started to put some of the different words together. I filled up another page, and then I walked away from it. The next day, I came back and read back over the pages and began to cross out, add, and make some variations. I finally ended up with “Vogue for Breakfast.” I don’t think I would have ever gotten there without taking the time to just sit down and unload all my thoughts on paper.

Laura, twentyteenz

Twenty Teenz: I mainly picked this name because I am currently in my twenties and I wish there was a limit to stop in our teen years (the best years of everyone’s life).

Tracy, atraceofcool

My blog is A Trace of Cool. My name is Tracy (quite a few of my favorite people call me “Trace”), and I’m pretty quirky and nerdy. I knew I wanted to play off my name, so I started thinking about “A Trace of…something.” A Trace of Style sounded like I only had a little bit of style, so that didn’t work. I knew my target demographic was going to be people like me who felt like they maybe didn’t belong in the mainstream fashion world, because they’re a little bit edgy or quirky, so that’s why I finally decided on A Trace of Cool! In short, I always say, “My name is Tracy, and I’m only a little bit cool,” when people ask where my blog name comes from.

Kit, thingssheloves

My blog is titled Things She Loves, because as much as I started this blog for myself back in October, my ultimate goal/dream is to open it up as a platform for other ladies to share how they style similar articles of clothing, suggest hidden travel treasures, recommend unknown foodie spots, etc. “She” meaning WE.

Be Petite

The mainstream fashion world is full of plenty of lovely, tall models—but here are a few petite SC sisters who named their blogs in honor of their stature!

Mariam, thepetitebijou

The Petite Bijou: I’m Petite, and the second part, “jewel” in French is translated to Bijou. I really wanted a unique and very “me” name, and I knew I had to include something French in the name to reflect my own personal background. Bijou seemed to fit perfectly. People call me “une petite bijou” now, so it’s pretty cute. And my tag line is “enjoying the little jewels of life,” which reflects my mission of making sure every day is your best day. I truly and 100% believe in enjoying the little things in life.

Abby, marblelouslypetite

I’ve been brainstorming with my best friend, mom, and boyfriend the last few days and we came up with Marblelously Petite. I absolutely love, love, looooooove everything marble. So, this name is definitely for me. I am now @marblelouslypetite on Instagram, and soon enough, I’ll have a blog to go with it.

Limairy, newyorkpetite

I chose New York Petite because being born and raised in New York and living in New York all my life is a part of me. I truly love New York and can’t imagine myself living anywhere else. Also, I wanted New York in my blog name because New York is known for fashion and style. Then, I added Petite because I am petite and always the shortest and smallest amongst my friends. And the rest is history!

If At First You Don’t Succeed, Try Another Name

Of course, no matter how hard we try, sometimes our original blog name just doesn’t work out. Here are a few girl bosses who needed to figure out a backup plan!

Emily, darlingdearest

I haven’t even been blogging a year and I’ve already changed my name! I started with To Be Gracious and Golden, but I got frustrated by its length and typing it wrong often. I changed it to Darling, Dearest because I wanted my blog to be more personal, a conversation between me and my readers. I love books that address the reader (like Jane Eyre) and wanted a similar vibe.

Jannine, happystylishfit

I thought long and hard over my blog name for at least a month. I was always set on My Mermaid Life, only to be disappointed when I went to purchase the domain and found that someone had scooped it up just a few weeks prior. I wanted something that could turn into something bigger than myself and would reflect everything the blog was about. I ended up choosing Happy Stylish Fit because it encompasses everything the blog is about: finding your happy through fashion, beauty, and a healthy lifestyle.

Every blogger needs a great blog name to represent their unique #BossBabe brand. Tell us about your blog name in the comments below!