Every February since 1976, we commemorate the past of Black Americans and celebrate the many contributions black men and women have made throughout history. You may remember learning about the work of activists and game-changers like Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, and Rosa Parks in school. But, there’s so much more to explore when it comes to Black culture and history.

The horrifying deaths of Black Americans throughout 2020 brought anti-racism conversations and activism back to the forefront. Many Influencers got involved on social media by showing solidarity on Blackout Tuesday and by amplifying the voices of Black creators in their niche. This Black History Month offers a great opportunity to do more of the same!

Here are just a few ways content creators can support Black History Month this February (and anytime!).

1. Share Your Personal Story

If you are a Black content creator or creative, sharing your personal story is a powerful way to commemorate Black History Month. Your voice matters! Here are a few ideas for in-feed posts, IG Stories, and blog posts that can help your first-person perspective shine:

  • “What Black History Month means to me…”
  • “One Black historical figure who inspires me is…”
  • “What I want people to know about Black History Month is…”
  • “This is how I commemorate Black History Month…”

2. Amplify Black Creative Voices

For non-Black creators, one excellent way to support Black voices during Black History Month is to be an ally and highlight Black creators in your space. Whether your niche is fashion, beauty, food, or anything else – Black innovators are doing amazing things! Consider adding a series to your content calendar to share posts, videos, and Stories from other accounts. Be sure to ask the creator for permission to share and tag them in the caption and the image!

It’s so simple – and worth it – to repost content. And you don’t have to repost content that is specifically related to Black History Month or activism. If you love a particular fashionista’s style, now is the perfect time to reshare her outfits to your Stories! Here are some useful ideas to consider, to keep diversity part of your feed for the long haul (beyond just Black History Month!):

  • Add a recurring series to your content calendar for #AmplifyBlackVoices
  • Create a highlight in your Stories
  • Repost a diverse post in your Stories on a regular schedule
  • Follow Black creators and engage with their content

3. Host a Donation Drive for a Nonprofit

There are many nonprofit organizations working night and day to make a difference in Black communities. One of the best ways to support their work is to donate. And wouldn’t it be powerful if your followers could fund the mission, too?

Hosting a donation drive on social media can be a challenge, but it’s worth it. You’ll want to begin by selecting the organization you want to support. From groups that support children’s education to stopping gun violence to amplifying Black perspectives in the movie industry, there are a great many groups to consider. Do a bit of research upfront to ensure your values align with the organization you choose.

Then, set up a platform for fundraising – anything from a GofundMe to a Cash App fundraiser can work. You want to be sure the funds you collect will be secure, and that your followers can trust their money will be safe and go to the right place.

Finally, it’s time to market your donation drive!

  • Announce the donation drive in-feed and in Stories. Include all the necessary information around start and end dates, fundraising goals, and how you’re ensuring donations are safe.
  • Share pertinent information about the organization you’re supporting – what they stand for, their mission, and how they help the community.
  • If possible, quantify the dollar amounts you want to raise in terms of the work being done. You may discover that $10 can provide school lunch to a child for a week. If your goal is to raise $500, that’s 50 meals for kids in need.
  • Share progress toward your goal throughout the fundraising period. This helps keep people motivated.
  • In the end, share how much you raised and give a big shout out to everyone who participated! When you deliver the funds to the organization of your choice, grab a screenshot of your confirmation or receipt to share.

4. Be a Vocal Ally

Too often, Black stories are only shared if Black people push for them to be shared. If you’re a non-Black content creator, consider taking on the burden of starting difficult conversations. When you become a vocal ally on your own channels, you show your support in a way that feels meaningful. Here are a few tips to do this:

  • Be the first to reach out to collaborate with a Black creator you admire
  • Share what Black History Month means to you
  • Spotlight a Black figure who inspires you
  • Engage with Black creators on their channels

5. Advocate for Black-Owned Brands

In some industries, brands rely on influencer marketing and relationships to reach the next level of success. If you’re a fashion, beauty, home décor, or lifestyle Influencer, you already know that tagging a product in one of your posts can create interest. One excellent way to support the Black community during Black History Month and beyond is to advocate for Black brands. There are many ways to do this:

  • Do a “Black-Owned” haul for a review
  • Try out a Black-owned alternative to a product you love
  • Follow and repost content from Black-owned brands
  • Test a full skincare routine, haircare routine, or outfit from all Black-owned brands
  • Become an ambassador for a Black-owned brand
  • Ask your followers to suggest Black-owned brands to try
  • Conduct a giveaway of all Black-owned brands

Everyone can get involved to make a difference during Black History Month. Still, remember the most meaningful work happens year-round!

Looking for some quick-and-simple tips to support Black History Month? We have a list of tips in this free checklist!