NYFW is a week of non-stop hustling around the city, filled with tardy Ubers, over-filled and delayed shows, no time to eat, endless champs, blistered feet, and dirty hair. But this was our second time attending NYFW with our Style Collective Sisters, so we knew just how unglamorous things were likely to get. We wanted to find a moment during our busy schedules to pause and enjoy being our glamorous selves. Enter DreamDry. Today we’re sharing our DreamDry New York Review and our fabulous transformations!

What is DreamDry?

DreamDry isn’t just a salon – it’s a destination for achieving your most glamourous blowouts, braids, and beyond. DreamDry was co-founded four years ago by our favorite fashionista, Rachel Zoe. Her partner in crime, Robin, is the CEO #girlboss behind the salon. She ensures everything about the salon is pristine and everything about the experience is fabulous.

DreamDry New York Review Style CollectiveDreamDry New York Review Style Collective

The Event

With tired eyes and dirty hair, SC Sisters trudged into DreamDry. Our moods were immediately lifted. We were greeted with minimalist black and white décor, geometric and chic stylist stations, the fanciest lighting, zig-zag tiled floors, and smiling staff. Every detail had been orchestrated perfectly, down to the black and silver chocolate kisses in a glass candy jar. Warm welcomes and glasses of bubbly were bestowed upon us as we made our way to the wash room.

DreamDry New York Review: LobbyDreamDry New York Review Wash and StyleDreamDry New York Review Style Collective

Is there anything more relaxing than having your hair shampooed by someone else? We melted blissfully into our chairs. The stress from NYFW and the dirt and grime from our hair were washed away. We were refreshed and revitalized.

After a soothing wash, we were brought back into the salon by our stylist, who dedicated 45 minutes to styling our hair to perfection. DreamDry’s stylists are rigorously trained as part of their DreamDry Academy, so clients receive the most efficient, consistent, and stylish blowouts possible.

The hairstyles created for us were just as unique as each SC sister: blowouts, braids, bows on top of our heads, and anything and everything in between!

Why We’re Obsessed

DreamDry exceeded our expectations with their impeccable attention to detail. Each stylist is passionate and takes the time to pamper every single client. You don’t feel like a number in a line; rather, you feel like the fabulous, unique, glamorous #bossbabe you are! I’ve had my hair blown out many times at DryBar, and I would choose DreamDry over DryBar any day of the week. If you like being treated like a queen, DreamDry is for you!

DreamDry New York ReviewDreamDry New York Lobby

Locations & How to Book

Choose from five fabulous locations and book via this link: http://dreamdry.com/book-appointment/

  • NYC/Flatiron
  • NYC/Columbus Circle
  • CHICAGO/Lincoln Park
  • CHICAGO/Waldorf Astoria
  • ATLANTA/Buckhead

Thank you, DreamDry, for sponsoring this event for Style Collective! xo

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Style Collective DreamDry Review

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