This week on the Becoming Fearless podcast, Annie is at Miami Swim Week, where she interviews Adela Guerra, a model and TV host, two weeks ago at an event that SC hosted at the Mondrian Hotel. The event included networking for bloggers, blog readers, and brands. In the middle of the networking event, we also had a live podcast recording with model, TV host, and SC Sister, Adela Guerra.

Miami Swim Week Becoming Fearless Podcast 2Miami Swim Week Becoming Fearless Podcast 2

The event started at 5:30pm for VIP attendees, who had early access to brand networking and hanging out with Annie and Jessie. Brands that attended were The UnderTropic, Downtown Chic and Louise & Eleanor. A stylist and makeup artist was also there with Nayo Photo for a portrait photo station.

The doors officially opened at 6pm for all attendees and we even had a few party crashed who tried to attend without tickets! This was an upscale, elegant event hosted in the sunset ballroom and terrace. Attendees enjoyed passed hour d’ourves, endless Rosé provided by Day Owl Rosé, gifts from Patchi Chocolate, FabFitFun, and IlyMix.

Miami Swim Week Becoming Fearless Podcast 2Miami Swim Week Becoming Fearless Podcast 2

At 7pm, we began the podcast recording where Annie and Adela sat front stage to inspire the audience with a live interview.

Adela took an incredible risk, moving from Venezuela to Miami, Florida, in search of her “True North.” She left her family, her friends, and her comfortable, familiar life behind to pursue something bigger – her dreams. Join Annie and Adela as they talk stepping out of your comfort zone, believing in the art of suggestion, sharing your craft, and connecting with your purpose – then finish off with some questions from a few #bossbabe audience members!



Becoming Fearless Episode 14: Show Notes

  • Meet Adela Guerra, a model and TV host originally from Venezuela.
  • From Venezuela to Miami: a rewarding risk.
  • When Adela realized she’d lost her “True North” and needed to make a change.
  • On believing in yourself despite what others say.
  • On building a support system in an unfamiliar place.
  • What was the hardest part of building a new life in a new country?
  • How Adela stayed true to herself and stayed motivated.
  • On being honest with yourself and connecting with your purpose.
  • On the importance of positive body image and empowering women.
  • Some questions from the audience:
    • Is there anything Adela would do differently, if she could start over?
    • What does Adela do to keep going when she feels like she wants to give up?
    • How does Adela cut negative people out of her life?
    • Where does Adela see herself in the next five to ten years?

Miami Swim Week Becoming Fearless Podcast 2Miami Swim Week Becoming Fearless Podcast 2Miami Swim Week Becoming Fearless Podcast 2

After the podcast ended, we all gathered outside to cheers Rosé and watch the sun set over the Miami skyline. It was beautiful, surreal, and magical. We brought together a room of #bossbabes who would have otherwise never met. Memories were made, tears were shed, and some of us even stayed until 10:30pm chatting over even more Rosé. It was a night to remember and we cannot wait to host another live podcast event! Let us know in comments if you’d like to have a live podcast event in your city!

Miami Swim Week Becoming Fearless Podcast

Thank you to everyone who attended and to all of our brand sponsors!

Use the hashtag #becomingfearless for a chance to be featured on the @stylecollective_ Instagram account! Thank you for sharing, subscribing, rating, and reviewing! This helps our podcast grow so we can continue to have amazing guests, and allows us to reach women around the world.


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