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This week on the Becoming Fearless podcast, Annie connects long-distance to Caroline Matthews, an award-winning fashion and bridal designer from London, and the founder of The Luxe Collective. Since she was young, Caroline dreamed of being a fashion designer, and became very successful in the bridal industry. She supplied bridal boutiques all over the world, until she realized she was losing sight of herself. So, Caroline reevaluated, keeping her core values in mind: love, truth, action, creativity, and integrity. Now, Caroline has her bridal line, her own collection, and The Luxe Collective, where she empowers female entrepreneurs every day. Join Annie and Caroline as they talk honoring yourself, sharing your struggle, noticing the little wins, and working from a place of passion.


Becoming Fearless Episode 19: Show Notes

  • Meet Caroline Matthews, an award-winning fashion and bridal designer and the founder of The Luxe Collective.
  • On attracting your niche by deciding what you want to do, first.
  • On reevaluating and not sacrificing your values or authenticity to please others.
  • The importance of self-love and honoring yourself.
  • On being honest with yourself and realizing it’s okay to not be okay.
  • Why it’s okay to be yourself and share your struggle.
  • On working from a place of passion, rather than necessity.
  • On doing meditation (and everything else) in your own way, without caring what others think.
  • How Caroline rebranded – as herself.
  • Everything Caroline does, and where you can find her.
  • Caroline’s advice for true success.

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