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This week on the Becoming Fearless podcast, Annie sits down with three #SCsisters: Dannie Levine-Moore of Stile Foto Cibo, Alyssa Puckett of A Hint of Hazel, and Erika Taylor of Tayloring Style. These women have taken three different paths to becoming fearless, but are all on their way to being the boss babes they want to be. Join Annie and these three amazing Style Collective members as they talk acknowledging your truth, portraying positivity, and being persistent but patient.


Becoming Fearless Episode 20: Show Notes

Part One

  • Meet Dannie Levine-Moore, the queer femme blogger behind Stile. Foto. Cibo.
  • On “the invisible femme” and giving voice to a community.
  • On being the you you’ve always been.
  • Why everybody has a right to be heard and celebrated.
  • On the many ways to be authentic.
  • How Dannie stays motivated through connection.
  • On acknowledging your truth, even if you can’t share it with the world.
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Part Two

  • Meet Alyssa Puckett, the blogger behind A Hint of Hazel.
  • On multiple transformative experiences and not giving up on passions.
  • On not conforming to society’s expectations.
  • On portraying positivity.
  • How to stop comparing yourself to others without burning bridges.
  • On being good to yourself and others.
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Part Three

  • Meet Erika Taylor, a fashion and lifestyle blogger, and an aspiring entrepreneur.
  • On making unexpected connections.
  • On offering your followers more than just pictures and giving a bit more of yourself.
  • How to build a career out of what you love.
  • On being persistent, but also patient.
  • The importance of family, friends, and being a positive role model.
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