This week on Becoming Fearless, Annie chats with Lizzie, the fashion and beauty blogger behind Lizzie in Lace. Lizzie always wanted to be a fashion designer. After declining offers from prestigious fashion schools for financial reasons, and attending a school for several months that turned out to be a scam, Lizzie majored in Art and Marketing at a local college. After graduating, Lizzie wanted a job that made her feel creative and inspired, so she started blogging. Join Lizzie and Annie as they talk creating your own success, evolving with your brand, and helping others realize their worth.


Becoming Fearless Episode 31: Show Notes

  • Meet Lizzie, the fashion and beauty blogger behind Lizzie in Lace.
  • How Lizzie stayed resilient despite all the obstacles.
  • On finding the good in every situation.
  • On being motivated by passions and goals.
  • On staying authentic and evolving with your brand.
  • The importance of communicating with your readers.
  • On disconnecting to decompress.
  • What would Lizzie change if she had to start over?
  • On creating your own success.
  • Where you can find Lizzie.

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