This week on the Becoming Fearless podcast, meet Lauren McGoodwin, the Founder and CEO of Career Contessa, a career development platform for women that provides company profiles, downloadable resources, and much more. Lauren’s non-linear career path led her to develop a side hustle, and then to grow that side hustle into a full-time business. Join Annie and Lauren as they talk taking risks, supporting other women, and owning up to the authentic struggles of entrepreneurship.

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Becoming Fearless Episode 35: Show Notes

People often ask Lauren what “career development platform” really means. Career Contessa provides inspiring interviews, company profiles, a jobs board featuring female-friendly companies, downloadable resources, online webinars, a career coaching platform, and more – but it’s more than just a website full of actionable content.

Lauren’s goal is to help women who are searching for their first career, looking to change careers, or hoping to turn their side hustle full-time. Career Contessa gives women the resources they need to figure out what path they want to take, job search successfully, and remain successful once they’re established in their careers.

But what led Lauren to Career Contessa?

After a quarter-life crisis during which Lauren realized she didn’t really want to be a teacher, she decided to focus on building her experience. After a few unpaid marketing internships and plenty of career fairs, Lauren took an administrative job in the admissions office of a local college. She had the opportunity to work as a recruiter for new students, and from there, applied for a recruiting coordinator position at Hulu.

While working for Hulu, Lauren pursued her Master’s. Career Contessa was originally built as a prototype for her thesis, which was focused on millennial women and career resources. Lauren had planned to use Career Contessa as a side hustle, and eventually leverage it to secure a full-time job. But, a few years down the road, after she was passed up for a promotion in a male-dominated workplace, she decided to pursue Career Contessa full-time, to help other women struggling with similar situations.

Lauren loved her job at Hulu, and was not a natural risk-taker, but knew she needed to take the plunge. For a year, she saved half of her paychecks, created her LLC, and set up the Career Contessa website, all while still working full-time at Hulu.

Lauren worked hard to make her entrepreneurial journey a success, and believes in being candid and authentic when it comes to the challenges of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship isn’t for every woman, and for Lauren, Career Contessa is all about giving women the choice to do what they want with their careers – and the tools to be successful in whatever they choose.

You can find Career Contessa on Instagram and most social media platforms @CareerContessa, and at And don’t forget to check out Lauren on Instagram, too, @laurenmcgoodwin.

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