This week on the Becoming Fearless podcast, meet Lori Riviere, the Founder of the Riviere Agency, a fashion and beauty PR, marketing, and consulting company with offices in NYC, LA, and Miami. While working her full-time job as a lawyer, Lori ran a fashion blog, and eventually began to leverage her blog to begin doing PR, planning, and organizing for fashion events in the Miami area. Lori bootstrapped her business, and in roughly eight years, she’s grown from a one-person side hustle to an agency with three business locations. Join Lori and Annie as they talk overcoming work bullies, making sacrifices, and visualizing success.

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Becoming Fearless Episode 36: Show Notes

The Riviere Agency is a small boutique agency, and Lori likes it that way. Her favorite part of the job is working on PR for NYFW shows. Lori strives to provide amazing experiences not only for the designers, but also for the guests – because the industry wouldn’t exist without the people who attend shows and get excited about fashion.

But the Riviere Agency wasn’t Lori’s first career. Lori worked as an insurance defense attorney for Geico – a job that was incredibly boring, but had good hours, paid well, and gave Lori the freedom to run her fashion blog on the side. Her business started as a side hustle, at her coffee table with her laptop from law school.

But Lori dealt with constant bullying in the work place, and it made an otherwise decent job miserable. When she realized she was making enough money on her side hustle to live, and the bullying at work kept getting worse, Lori took the leap and quit her job.

Lori traveled back and forth between Miami and NYC as she built her business. She lived part time in Brooklyn, doing research, cold calling, going to networking events, and making as many connections as she could. She finally rented a tiny office in the garment district – and that was a turning point for the Riviera Agency. With an office, they were established, and were gradually able to bring on more and more clients.

Lori’s strategy for success was to visualize what she wanted her company to be, and not worry too much, initially, about how her vision would be realized. Instead of making elaborate vision boards, she simply wrote her goals down. Now, every year, Lori cuts up strips of paper and writes down her goals, then puts them in a box. Once a year, she revisits the box to evaluate and reevaluate her goals, and keep track of her successes.

In Lori’s opinion, every sacrifice she’s had to make has been 200% worth it. She’s motivated not only by her own goals, but by the goals and successes she envisions for her team, and her desire to see women supporting other women and lifting each other up.

Lori believes there’s abundance in the universe – enough for everyone to realize their dreams.

You can find Lori on Instagram @LoriRiviere, and you can find the Riviere Agency at and @riviereagency on Instagram.

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