It’s beginning to look a lot like holiday shopping season! You’re probably already working on your plan of attack to slay the busiest retail season, so we’re breaking down some of the most important bits and pieces from this year’s PwC Holiday Outlook to help you make the most of your influence this holiday. There’s plenty of talk about the digital landscape and online shopping in this year’s report, but BRAND TRUST is also a big selling point this season. And that’s great news for all you authentic bossbabes!

In the coming weeks we’ll take a deeper dive into content ideas to help you capitalize on these insights, but here are the important facts to consider before planning your holiday 2019 strategy.

Holiday 2019 projections:

  • 86% of shoppers will spend the same or more than they did last year.
  • While some people have already finished their holiday shopping, more than 90% of consumers will be completing their holiday shopping in November and December.
  • Shoppers plan to spend an average of $715 on gifts for others.
  • In a surprise twist, men will average more than $300 more on holiday spending than women.
  • For the first time ever, consumers will do more of their shopping online than in-store — 54% of their shopping, in fact.

What do consumers want to buy?

  • Young millennials will spend nearly twice as much money on their pets than other pet owners this holiday season.
  • 40% of millennials will favor health and wellness related products and services this holiday season.
  • With sustainability in mind, 36% of millennials will be browsing resale marketplaces for their holiday shopping.
  • 35% of consumers are planning on shopping for and booking holiday vacations.

Good news for influencers:

  • 70% of shoppers say brand trust influences their buying decisions. Consumers want brands to foster trust and community both on- and offline, so authenticity is key.
  • 63% of millennials and 73% of Gen Z consumers say social media advertisements influence their holiday purchases. Young people are still turning to Instagram, Facebook, and more to help them with their holiday shopping decisions.

It’s all about connection.

This year’s report stresses BRAND TRUST as an important factor for consumers when making holiday shopping decisions. And why is brand trust so important? Because what consumers really value during the holiday season is COMMUNITY. If there’s one thing we know our SC Sisters are good at, it’s fostering community.

  • Millennials want more than just shopping — they want an experience. More than 50% of millennials and more than 40% of all consumers said they want shopping to be an experience, often including dining or other entertainment to enjoy with friends and family.
  • Almost 75% of consumers said that what they value most during the holidays is time spent with family and friends.
  • According to PwC, “More than 40% of consumers will host holiday gatherings.” They’ll be shopping for all the food, decor, and entertainment they need to be the perfect hosts!
  • Many consumers are also planning to unplug this holiday season, taking a break from their devices — with the exception of streaming music, movies, and TV to enjoy with family and friends.

We HIGHLY suggest downloading the PwC Holiday Outlook and reading through this epic document to really understand all holiday 2019 insights. In the next few weeks, we’ll share content and promotional ideas to really help you make the most of the holiday season!