Do I need another monthly payment? I have asked around and people said it is really good, but better for new bloggers.

SC does have a lot of newer bloggers, but we also have a lot of content for “intermediate” and “advanced” inside the member dashboard. Some of our veteran members include @Wewonderandwander (who has been a member since day 1), @Lizzieinlace, @dressupbuttercup, @publicistinpearls, @accordingtoblaire.


Do any of your collaborations pay? I had heard that most of the collabs were pro bono/for product only.

The brands in our database provide influencer benefits, and over half offer “paid” opportunities for influencers with medium influence (10K-50K on IG). So there are definitely paid opportunities for bloggers. 🙂


Am I even going to have time to read through the e-books and use this platform?

You can skim the e-books to pick out info that would be helpful, but they are packed full of market research, insights from brands & industry experts, etc. I’m a certified math teacher in NJ, so I created the curriculum. I’m not some random person trying to teach others. 🙂


What do you get from membership?

For less than two lattes a month, a Style Collective membership includes exclusive access to $500 worth of e-courses and resource guides (for free!), worksheets, videos, forums, and expert tips to help you grow your following and become a successful blogger. As a member, you can also pitch your collaboration ideas to our brand directory of almost 100 brands! Need a media kit or stock photos? Check and, check – these are also free with membership!

Connect with other women for the support, encouragement, and friendship you need to thrive. Our regional leaders organize local meetups 4x a year, and if you want to attend NYFW, we have show passes, a hotel block, and fun blogger events for you!


How often do you have meet-ups? / How do meet-ups work?

Our regional leaders organize meetups 4x a year! We also encourage our members to plan meetups through the groups on the SC website.


How does Style Collective help you go to NYFW? Does Style Collective host shows? Does SC pitch for its members? 

The best part of being a Style Collective member is our amazing network of women, who help each other attend NYFW shows. We share tips, tricks, and real-time advice. We sometimes travel together (if we live near each other!) and always have the best time at NYFW.

Style Collective does not host shows or pitch for its members; instead, we provide the resources so that you can pitch shows that fit with your schedule and personal brand. We organize a hotel room block for our members to stay together and a Style Collective NYFW Party.


Is membership available for bloggers/influencers who are overseas?

Absolutely! We have members in over 25 countries and our base is continuing to grow.


What happens after I join? How does membership work?

Once you receive your welcome email, you get immediate access to our e-courses, videos, forums, and expert advice to help you grow your following and become a successful blogger. You also get access to our network of fashion and lifestyle bloggers, so you can connect with other women for the support, encouragement, and friendship you need to thrive. It’s a one-stop shop for everything you need to grow as a blogger!