What do you get from membership?

A Style Collective membership includes exclusive access to e-courses, videos, forums, and experts to help you grow your following and become a successful blogger. As a member, you can also pitch your collaboration ideas to our directory of 50+ brands!

We are also a social network of fashion and lifestyle bloggers. Membership allows you to connect with other women in the industry for the support, encouragement, and friendship you need to thrive. Our members love organizing local meetups, and if you want to attend NYFW, we’ll help you get there!

Other benefits include the possibility of press and exposure from Style Collective, access to exclusive affiliate programs, and addition to an Instagram Comment Pod.

It’s a one-stop shop for everything you need to grow as a blogger and connect with women in the industry you love!

What are the application requirements?


A female fashion and/or lifestyle blogger.

Active on Instagram. Blog/website not required.

Serious, consistent, and committed to creating your own success with the help of our resources.

A “girl’s girl” who supports others and loves being part of a team that uplifts each other.

I’m applying right now. What is the application process like?

After you submit your application, you will hear back from us via email within 7 days. The approval email will include a link to sign up for membership. When you click this link, you will be brought to a checkout page where you can choose your membership level: $10/month or $99/year. From there, enter your credit card info and your account will be created! You’ll receive a welcome email and have instant access to the Style Collective social network and all of our #girlboss resources!

I can’t find the member sign up email or didn’t receive it. What should I do?

You can submit your information again via the “join us” page and we’ll re-send your email!

How often do you have meet-ups? / How do meet-ups work?

We constantly encourage our members to plan meetups through the groups on the SC website. Meetups happen all the time all over the country! Individual bloggers hold the responsibility for setting up and running the meetups, which allows you to have a more independent and personalized experience, since you’re not waiting around for someone to tell you when to meet or what to do! We let our members have complete control and freedom.

How does Style Collective help you go to NYFW? Does Style Collective host shows? Does SC pitch for its members? 

The best part of being a Style Collective member is our amazing social network of women, who help each other attend NYFW shows. We share tips, tricks, and real-time advice. We sometimes travel together (if we live near each other!) and always have the best time at NYFW.

Style Collective does not host shows or pitch for its members; instead, we provide the platform and resources so that you can pitch shows that fit with your schedule and personal brand.

Annie organizes a hotel room block for our members to stay together and hosts a Style Collective brunch. This is where we all connect, drink mimosas and have a blast.

Is membership available for bloggers/influencers who are overseas?

Absolutely! We have members in over 13 countries and our base is continuing to grow.

What happens after I join? How does membership work?

Once you receive your welcome email, you get immediate access to our e-courses, videos, forums, and expert advice to help you grow your following and become a successful blogger. You also get access to our social network of fashion and lifestyle bloggers, so you can connect with other women in the industry for the support, encouragement, and friendship you need to thrive. It’s a one-stop shop for everything you need to grow as a blogger and connect with women in the industry you love!