A lot has changed the last couple months. As some of you may know, I moved to Brooklyn, started a Youtube Channel, and embarked on a rebrand – the most significant change of all.

I felt most sure of myself when I returned home from studying abroad in London. I learned more about myself in those four months than I had my entire life. My anxieties tested my independence as I overcame the difficulties of living in a foreign country and being challenged academically on a scale I’d never experienced.

The transition returning home was the hardest part, realizing I outgrew the person I was when I left and now had to find where I belonged. It took breaking ties, creative endeavors, and a job that led me to who I was and my blog.


The first photo of myself on the blog – wearing all LF of course (it was where I worked).


When I started my blog, I was a senior in college. My brand was obvious: my college experience. As I graduated college and lost my identity as a student, I lost my voice along the way. What was my brand going to be now? I knew the answer to this had to come naturally. It wasn’t a matter of what my brand was going to be now, but a matter of who am I now?

Recently, I sat down and asked myself simple questions:

What do I like? What fills me up and makes me feel inspired?

With fashion, food, wellness, and nostalgia, I felt overwhelmed. HOW DO I COMMUNICATE ALL THIS? I want my blog to be a representation of myself, but I knew it had to be more niche. I took a break.

During that time, I reflected on my aesthetic and realized I could be myself, as long as there was a connection to the heart of my content. I journaled, I read, I looked at my past projects and blog posts. I’ve now taken what was there all along and brought it back to me. An ongoing theme has always been nostalgia, whether it’s been part of my styling or the core of what attracts me to certain content.

I was starting to feel uncomfortable with my content because I felt it wasn’t authentic anymore. I would write posts just to post and would never publish because they never felt genuine. When I realized what I was writing wouldn’t be something I’d want to read, I changed my tune.

Finding your voice takes time, but quality over quantity is the most sincere lesson I have learned. Narrow down your aesthetic, but be true yourself. Your audience wants to know you – not the person you think they want to follow.

I hope you were able to find this useful, and perhaps also found yourself relating with my post-grad identity crisis. I express myself in different ways, but what I’ve learned is that life is too short to write for someone else when it’s your domain.

Until next time, XX EM.



Emily Novak

My full name is Emily Diane Novak, and I recently moved to Brooklyn, NY (finally!). I’m originally a Boston girl. When I’m not behind the camera or working on various digital marketing jobs, you’ll find me either at the gym or in the kitchen. I love to cook – the Italian in me! I would never have a blog if it wasn’t for a college professor who inspired me. I’m obsessed with The Beatles, Mad Men, and Yves Saint Laurent.

Instagram: @emilydianenovak

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