I’m super new to the blogging world. I launched Indigo Heights in January of 2017, and it’s been non-stop trial and error ever since! Blogging is a fun and rewarding creative outlet that can totally be lucrative, and my goal from the beginning was to make sure I was on track to getting noticed by brands. In just a few short months, I’ve really gotten the hang of what makes a brand double tap – or, better yet, re-post the content I create – and I’m writing to share a few tips and tricks I’ve learned thus far.


Getting Reposted 1

While dreaming up your next smash hit #OOTD or #DIY, it’s important to think about your audience – what do they respond to? What do your readers love the most? Once you have an idea on lockdown, you begin to put together all the pieces you’ll need to bring your post to life. Instead of aimlessly selecting articles of clothing based on aesthetic, fishing for brands involves doing a little research. Look at your options – then check out their online presence before including it in your post. In this example, I utilized some amazing, bright, colorful street art – so, I knew my outfit couldn’t compete. I steered clear of patterns and clashing colors – but that was the easy part. I also intentionally featured some epic mainstreams: a top from Forever21 (12.5 million followers) and shorts from Target (both @target and @targetstyle have about 2 million followers each). If you want your outfit to get re-posted, and you want that post to get you the exposure you deserve, opting for the brands with the biggest following is key in securing personal growth once your image is featured. In this case, my #OOTD was picked up by Target and was re-posted on their main website in their AwesomeShop. @target also became one of my followers!


Getting Reposted 2

As a newbie, getting re-posted by a brand is validation that the work I’m creating is quality – and that the better I get, the more brands will want to collaborate with me during the “creation” phase. Take this top, for example: it’s from Necessary Clothing, which is a cute boutique with 169k followers. I shot this while on vacation in Miami. I was staying at The Delano hotel, which is beautiful, with very chic, “serious” gray and white beach chairs. I knew I needed a pop of color to advertise such a funny and feminine graphic tee…so, I walked until I found a setting I loved (bubblegum pink at the SLS Hotel) and I asked the attendants if they would mind if I quickly used their section. Most of the time, people are kind and even tip their hat to the fact that you’ll shamelessly set up your tripod on their private beach. It worked to my benefit. This image was re-posted the same week, because I went out of the way (literally) to ensure all parts matched the aesthetic of the brand I was trying to impress.


Getting Reposted 3

My final word of advice: you can fish for the right brand, and you can curate content that matches their feed to a tee…but the reality is, the item you’re showcasing has to be relevant. In a community of successful bloggers with pretty hefty followings of their own, it’s safe to say none of us are plugging eggnog in April. That said, it’s so important to be aware of what’s been posted by the brand in the prior month (or two). Has that skirt been featured already? Is there a whole page full of “new arrivals” on the website before you reach the shoes you’ve been dying to photograph? If you purchase something new that has you itching for a re-post, make it a point to shoot it as soon as you can. The newer the product, the more valuable your plug is to the brand in question. The more valuable you are to the brand, the more likely they are to start sponsoring your posts.

I hope this blurb has inspired my fellow #bossbabes to keep putting in the work and the thought it takes to have your content spread by brands with bigger reach.

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