If you are an influencer or blogger, you know how lonely the process can be: trying to figure it out alone, writing amazing content and getting zero comments, or feeling like none of your friends and family actually get what you are doing!

Style Collective is a community of women who empower each other through a shared passion (read the full story here).

One of the amazing things that happens when women work together, instead of competing with each other, is that they become even more inspired and passionate about what they are doing. Suddenly, the hard work of being an influencer or blogger is completely forgotten as everyone eagerly shares blogging tips and tricks to help each other grow. Want to know an even more amazing result? The process of women forming friendships that add a meaningful dimension to what they already love doing.

This is EXACTLY what has been happening during the month of August. Style Collective Sisters have created meetups all over the country and taken digital friendships into reality. Our girls are chatting about blogging over cocktails, which is always great. More importantly, they’ve been creating memories that they will have for the rest of their lives:

“Style Collective is an online community of female #girlbosses who connect, encourage and grow together in this awesome sisterhood! Being a new blogger, it can be bit overwhelming and intimidating to begin the blogging journey. If you do not have any blogger friends to consult and get advice, it makes it even more harder and intimidating. I discovered Style Collective in April 2016. I joined that month and I feel it was the best decision I could have made since I knew I seriously wanted to pursue blogging and not just have a fashion Instagram account. I remember I was so stressed and so scared to go live on my website because I thought that it had to be perfect at the launch. After relating my concerns to some of the Style Collective Sisters, they came back with words that were so supportive and encouraging. They helped me to see that I should not be scared and my site didn’t have to be perfect, but many of them changed and adjusted their site so many times until they got it how they would like it. After reading all their response, I immediately went live!” – Cindy from Foreign, Fresh, Fierce

Dallas Influencer Meet Up - SC

Dallas Meet Up: @wittynpretty21, @foreign_fresh_fierce, @signingsteph, @sassyteacherchic

“Over drinks and food, we took the time to laugh and joke, chatting about upcoming blogger opportunities, “Instagram Husbands,” and tips we’ve learned over the years. What a great meetup! Style Collective joined together 4 different bloggers with 4 very different styles, and we couldn’t be happier.” – Jennifer from Sassy Teacher Chic

SC Influencer Meetup - Austin, TX

@jesskatt123, @jannadoan, @nicolesometimes, @megansmosaic, @yourtrendytherapist

SC Influencer Meetup - Boston

Boston Meet Up: @sixfeetinheels, @theartfulwander, @annie_spano, @jannadoan

SC Influencer Meetup - NorCal

NorCal: @pebble_and_pearl, @ruthieridley

SC Influencer Meetup - NYC

NYC Meet Up: @thesavvier, @madamemathilde, @simplygailg, @prescribedtofashion

SC Influencer Meetup - Miami

Miami Meet Up: @aglamlifestyle, @lauriir18, @onthedllifestyle, @imsimplycecille

SC Influencer Meet Up - Las Vegas

Vegas: @annie_spano, @cbentleyfit (photo credit: @archivalgrams)

SC Influencer Meetup - NorCal

NorCal: @candystubbs, @ruthieridley

SC Influencer Meetup - NYC

NYC Meet Up: @therunningstylist, @plsdotell, @layersofchicblog

We are getting #AllTheFeels watching these meetups happen all over the country! Women empowering each other and uniting through a shared passion is ultimately what it’s all about. If you are an influencer looking to take your blog and your life to the next level, join Style Collective now. We can’t wait for the next meetup.

Keep smiling SC Sisters! xo