Much of Instagram rests on the fingertips of unsung heroes: Instagram husbands.

The term “Instagram husbands” was brought to popularity last year via a satirical video about social media that profiled men who take photos of their wives or girlfriends for Instagram. The term basically refers to anybody who takes staged photos for someone else’s Instagram account, saving the subject of the photo from having to use selfie sticks or only post close-up selfies.

“Instagram husband is like the new version of a man having to hold a woman’s purse, to me,” Shawn Garman, the husband and photographer for many of style blogger Julien Garman’s Instagram photos, told HuffPost. “You are usually in a situation where [an] image has to be taken by you with tons of people around, and you feel a bit embarrassed that you’re standing there for a full minute trying to capture the right shot.”

You don’t have to be a man (or even in a romantic relationship) to be an IG husband. Anybody can be one. So whether you want to be an IG husband, wife, life partner or soul mate, we rounded up some true tales by asking our SC sisters to share their best Instagram Husband funny moments.

What is the craziest/funniest/most awkward think you have asked your Instagram Husband to do in order to get the best shot?

Wet & Wild at Heart

“Luckily, my ‘Instagram Boyfriend’ is a great sport. Fortunately, I can’t think of any near-death experiences, phew, but I can think of a few less-than-ideal situations. Jack almost fell off a boat once while taking my photo. I felt really bad about that, there were so many people around. Another time we were in Iceland and I made him cross a very large, very deep, very cold river so he could take my photo from the other side. His boots were soaked and he didn’t even complain very much. Another time, I made him swim me around while I sat on a surfboard so I could be in the perfect position for when the light shifted. He got a really bad sunburn. Sorry, Jack!” Annah, @annah_todd

The Perfect Bouncer

“My hubby gets the joy of being my lookout/bodyguard when I’m changing in the car on a shoot.” Amanda, @memphismandysue

Look Out Below!

“The craziest thing I’ve had my hubby do is climb a lighthouse to take some drone footage for our travel vlog…man were we nervous! Him more than me😥😂😂”  Shafeen Saheed, @shafeensaheed

We’ve All Been There

“We live in a small town. I can’t tell you the amount of times we’ve been honked at by a passing car or run into someone we know when shooting. My husband is very shy and this always embarrassed him. Especially if he’s caught in the midst of getting the perfect angle.” Kalyn, @styleherstrong

Give Me the (Red) Light, Oh Yeah 

“My instagram boyfriend* has gone through all of the lengths to get a good photo. One of the most notable is standing in the street and stopping traffic for me to get one good shot!” Frankie, @Beauty_byfrankie

But No, Seriously

“My hubby is the sweetest guy around. Always willing to go the extra mile for that perfect Insta pic. We always joke, “Do it for the gram!” But really…do it for the gram, hunny. More recently he ventured on a shoot for my blogger bestie and I. We had this BRILLIANT idea of getting adorable balloons that said, “GALS” for a Valentines Day theme. It just happened to be 40 degrees the day we planned to shoot and we forgot to blow the balloons up prior to setting out to our location. So there we stood, in the middle of a parking lot, with a straw and chapstick, trying to blow up 4 miniature balloons and stick them together. To say the least, he was not amused, but we got the best pictures! He’s the definition of an #instagramhusband. Always willing to make the ideas work “for the gram.” Cassandra Vasquez, @likely.lovelies


THANK YOU, Jack! I wouldn’t be half the Instagrammer I am without you! 😘

Thank you to my kind hubby for always supporting me in all my visions. Love you immensely honey❤

I can’t thank my hubby enough for listening to all of my crazy ideas and making them happen! Over insta and in real life, he’s my biggest cheerleader and support. Getting to call him my forever love is the biggest blessing in this life. Happy Valentines Day, love! ❤️

Photography 101

Instagram husbands, BFFs, mothers – take note: outfit photography is an art.

If you’re sick of all the up-shots, the out-of-focus snaps and the poorly-lit pics your Instagram other-half supplied, then don’t worry. We have a quick guide for you here from one of our very own Instagram boyfriends, Jack Callahan, the man behind the camera for Annah Todd, SC’s Social Media Manager. Men, take MAJOR note. Jack advises that in order to get the perfect shot, time after time, you need to completely change your outlook on the situation:

“One of the biggest hurdles that an aspiring blogger needs to get over to reach their potential is any nervousness when being photographed in public. But an unheralded hurdle is the Instagram boyfriend’s pride, which must be paused, pocketed, and momentarily forgotten in order to get just the right shot of that new bag with the sun glinting just right. From the proper angle, laying on the sidewalk as people walk by, a true Instagram boyfriend must ignore the snarky remarks of passersby in order to focus on the task at hand: getting as many photos as possible so your girlfriend can tell you exactly how the next one should look.” – Jack

Jack’s Tips

1. Shoot in burst mode to give yourself more options
2. Check your background. Any lampposts or trees coming out of her head? Make sure to not let that happen.
3. Do something funny so that she loosens up a bit after you’ve taken the first round of shots.
4. While you’re looking at lighting, background, focus, etc., she is going to most concerned about blinking, her hair, and shadows on her face, so be aware of that before you tell her which one is your favorite.


Look for a clean background with no misc. things. The focus should always be on the outfit, and it works well if the colors of the backdrop suit the clothing. It’s always great to have some elements that are identifiable. When in NY you should look for Soho buildings or yellow cabs, or in London I love the brick walls and roads, and of course the red buses! You have to play with what you have around you, keeping it simple and cool.


The best times to shoot any pictures are first thing in the morning and the hour before the sun sets. The harsh light in the middle of the day is the hardest for anybody. When you shoot in the middle of the day you are constantly battling against the harsh sun and shadows.  If you have a cloudy day you are golden but you can’t rely on that.  If you have to shoot in the sun, try to find the shade of a building or a tree.  Try not to shoot with the direct sun coming at you because it will wash out the clothes and the shadow of your photographer will be in your shot.  Shoot with the sun at your back.


Remember the rule ‘higher is always better’. When taking photos of your beloved, remember the higher one holds the phone the more flattering the picture. Never bend down and catch her at an unforgiving angle and always take at least 20 photos at a time so she can select the ones she likes best.

Click Click Away

I think people are afraid to take “too many” pictures. Therefore, they will take one and wait. Take one and wait. Pictures are way too posed and stiff that way. I tell whoever is taking my picture, click away and I’m going to move. Move, walk, twirl around, laugh, fix your hair, sit, stand, look in your purse. Just forget they are there. That is how you get natural and believable pictures. If you just stand with your hand on your hip, then click, turn, click, look at the camera and smile, click. They will be boring, forced, and not what you are looking for. It’s always the pictures where I’m doing something random that are my favorites.

Stay alert at all times

If the doting Instagram Husband wants to hold onto his Instagram Wifey he’ll have to be on the lookout for any hazards (like moving vehicles and approaching cliff-faces) she may not see whilst posing for or uploading her latest selfie.


There are 3 components to manual settings: Shutter speed, Aperture or F-stop, and ISO. Here is the quick and dirty for you. You want to have your shutter speed as “fast” as possible to get sharp pictures, the F-stop as low as possible to blur the background, and the ISO up enough to have light pictures but not too much that you create a ton of noise. By playing around with those, you can get the lighting you want in any capture.


Try having an even light and a nice backdrop. If there isn’t a lot of movement, HDR helps to get better pics.