Style Collective is an online supportive community with influencer education that empowers women to find their purpose, be inclusive, and achieve success.

Influencer marketing is just getting started, so if you’re looking to establish your brand and turn your influence into your full-time paying career, then you’ve come to the right place. It’s never too late to follow your dreams, but you can’t do it with Google, Pinterest, or Facebook Groups alone. You need the right educational resources and real-time support if you want to succeed. Enter, Style Collective.

What do I get as a member? Members get full access to our empowering community with influencer education. It is your one-stop shop for an incredible support group of women supporting women along with the information you need to become a successful influencer. You’ll have access to our educational library, our e-courses and guides, and our must-have resources! Keep reading to learn about everything you get with your membership.

E-Courses & Guides

After you join, you’ll start with our cornerstone course. Living with purpose and intention is a core value of SC Sisters, which is why we’re excited to bring you our cornerstone e-course — an informative, curated combination of videos from our conference in Raleigh, leadership expertise from PhDs, and marketing best practices from a $3 billion CPG company.

If your goals are to…

  • Establish a strong brand as an influencer and attract your tribe.
  • Make a positive impact on people’s lives.
  • Feel empowered to do what you truly love.
  • Be open and share yourself and who you are, but most of all, be authentic!

…then you are going to LOVE our e-course, Build Your Brand and Attract Your True Fans.

We also have a collection of e-courses and guides to help you #slay every day.


Vik Margarita

“Their ‘How to win at pitching brands e-course’ helped me gain confidence (I’m always a big scared baby! lol) in approaching brands that helped me score a paid freelance content creation gig with Sugar Bear Hair! See my recent work with them HERE. Emailing can be intimidating but if you bring something to the table like great social media posts or a blog post and show them how much you appreciate them and want to grow your relationship, the worst they can say is ‘no’ because you brought your best. By the way, I scored these fun collaborations and I have less than 3,000 followers on Instagram!!”

Education Library



“Even though we (as in women, bloggers, influencers, and any living breathing human with social media in 2018) say we aren’t going to play the comparison game with other bloggers and influencers, we all do it at times. And trust me, the ones who are hustling this blogging gig have a secret. We have help! Somewhere behind the hard work and sweat is a group of cheerleaders helping us to keep going when the going gets tough. For me, that group is Style Collective.

Anything that Style Collective puts their branding on will be done better than anything you could ever dream of. I’ve found more than my money’s worth in the resources they’ve provided with membership. Style Collective, for me, is like my blog HYPE MAN. (Or that dancing guy from The Mighty Mighty Bosstones…you know the one.) They are there with the support, encouragement, and life lessons you need most, when you need it.

And I’m not just saying this to say it…I finally took the inspiration and lessons learned at #SCCon18, pulled some resources from the site to create a media kit, talked with SC sisters, and listened to a little coaching from a speaker at the conference and GUESS WHAT? I landed not 1, not 2, but 4 contracts. FOUR. And 2 are bigger than any blogger on my level should probably have won, but both of the companies agreed to work with me because of the professionalism displayed in my pitches, actions, and communication. Now, I could say I learned this in my 9 to 5, but my 9 to 5 pitches are different because they aren’t for me. I was fighting a weird battle with my personal brand and instead of just giving up I took the advice and resources offered from Style Collective and made it happen.”

Even more resources

Style Collective has more than just educational materials – we have the tools and resources you need to put your new knowledge into action. Here’s just a taste of all the amazing resources SC has to offer:

  • Templates to help you build your media kit and draft fool-proof contracts and invoices every time
  • A stylish stock photo library to keep your blog looking its best
  • Easy-to-use rate calculators so you can be sure you’re not selling yourself short
  • Affiliate programs to help you start monetizing your passion
  • A directory of brands looking to work with influencers just like you
  • A collection of worksheets to help you set goals, plan your content, write effective copy every time, and so much more



“Confession: I have joined other subscription groups before, but nothing compares to the resources I have received through Style Collective. Everything is streamlined for bloggers, so you are getting relevant resources that really work. I absolutely love the workbooks and worksheets that Annie provides.  Some of my favorites are How To Brand Yourself Like an Instagram It Girl, How to Monetize Your Influence & Stand Out From the Influencer Crowd, and How to Win at Pitching Brand Partnerships. They even have a media kit template and contracts and invoices for you to use for blogging deals! I can honestly say the resources alone have made me a better blogger.

I’ve been asked by so many blogging friends how to work with brands & get in contact with them. Style Collective does the work for you (kind of!) They have brand contacts for you to reach out to, of course utilizing their resources on HOW to get brands to say yes! I’m not joking when I say there are SO many brands in the Brand Directory that are made available to you. This is unheard of in any other subscription based service! In the influencer world, its all about who you know, and Style Collective sets you up for success by introducing you to those people.”

Come for the resources, but stay for the community

Education and resources are amazing, but if you’re also craving true, genuine connection, Style Collective is the perfect fit for you. You’ll be part of a community of like-minded women focused on supporting each other and valuing compassion over competition. Here are some of the ways you can connect with your fellow SC Sisters:

  • Join our Facebook group to interact more closely with your SC Sisters.
  • Share a link that needs a bit of Link Love, and give your fellow bossbabes some love in return.
  • Check out the SC Map to see where your Sisters are located and start planning IRL meet-ups.
  • Share your unique personal style with the community during our weekly IG style challenge.
  • Be featured on our IG to get your name out there – and share the love with our other featured SC Sisters.
  • Recruit new SC Sisters with our affiliate program to help grow our awesome community.



So, if you are a blogger (in any moment of blogging) or an entrepreneur here are the reasons you should be my sistah!

  1. You will find your why and your own way to build your social media community
  2. You will get motivated every day
  3. You will learn ways to grow organically
  4. You will have all the support you need to keep moving forward
  5. You will have the opportunity to get educated with the best and have the materials for a lifetime
  6. You will, at some point, be part of the #SCCon Conference
  7. You will meet an amazing group of women willing to help you and grow together as a community
  8. You will strengthen your ability to pitch brands
  9. You will have access to a directory with more than 125 brands to work with
  10. You will Become Fearless, and go out of your comfort zone you will be so proud of yourself! That itself is glorious!

Join Style Collective Today!

Whether you’re just starting your first blog or you’re an established professional looking to level-up, Style Collective has the education and resources you need to achieve your goals and realize your dream. And the best part? You’ll be part of an incredible online community of women who share your passions and want to help you succeed!

classic membership

  • Access to our collection of e-courses & guides immediately upon joining.
  • Monthly content planning guides and calendars.
  • Instant access to 125+ brand sponsorships in our brand directory.
  • Exclusive big brand partnerships, such as in-store partnerships with Ann Taylor, Loft, and more!
  • Access to NYFW show passes every February and September.
  • Exclusive educational library, covering every topic you need to jumpstart your career as an influencer.
  • Templates to help you build your media kit and draft fool-proof contracts and invoices every time.
  • A stylish stock photo library to keep your blog looking its best.
  • Easy-to-use rate calculators so you can be sure you’re not selling yourself short.
  • Affiliate program library to help you start monetizing your passion.
  • A collection of worksheets to help you set goals, plan your content, write effective copy every time, and so much more.
  • Members-only Facebook group to interact more closely with our supportive community.
  • Boost your blog views with Link Love, and give your fellow bossbabes some love in return.
  • Increase your following with Follow Friday and find new friends who lift one another up instead of tear each other down!
  • SC Map to see where your Sisters are located and start planning IRL meet-ups.
  • Recruit new SC Sisters with our affiliate program to help grow our awesome community.

vip membership

everything in our classic membership, plus:



  • Instant access to monthly masterclasses with accountability worksheets.


  • Live Monthly Goal Setting Workshop and Q&A session with SC Founder, Annie Spano.


  • Monthly accountability partner so you can cultivate your virtual girl gang.


  • Exclusive discount code to The SC Shop so you can rock all of your #bossbabe swag.


  • Limited number of membership openings available.

If you are unsatisfied with your membership purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Need something a little more hands on?

Check out our ten-week course with group coaching that you can do in addition to your SC membership (or completely separately)! The Influencer Growth Roadmap, will help you hustle with the best of the best. This series of four workshops, originally presented at our conference in Raleigh, will inspire you to build your brand, produce amazing, consistent content, and make the most of all your opportunities as an influencer.

get a sneak peek of membership

Wanted: Serious Boss Babes Only

Style Collective is for the self-motivated boss babe who wants to take action to make her biggest dreams come true with the resources and support that SC has to offer. Every single success story from growing tens of thousands of followers to making a full-time income from their blog to changing someone’s life are a result of someone logging into SC, reading our articles, taking our courses, reaching out to other members, and being involved. If you aren’t ready to commit 20-30 minutes a week to learning, growing, and connecting with others, then SC probably isn’t for you.

You will get out of it what you put into it.

Not sure? Register for our FREE masterclass!

Do you feel like you need to have a million followers, spend a ton of money, and look a certain way just to be successful as an influencer? Are you burning yourself out trying to fit the cookie-cutter idea of a successful influencer? There’s a better way! Check out our FREE masterclass, 3 Myths About Influencer Success, Debunked, and learn what you SHOULD be doing to succeed as an influencer. Register now!

Meet the Founder, Annie Spano

Annie Spano Style Collective5

Style Collective was formed as a reaction to an experience that should never happen to other women. In late 2015, Annie left her job in corporate marketing after being bullied and harassed by another woman in the workplace. The experience left her feeling defeated and emotionally drained. Annie wished there was a better way for women to work together and help each other achieve success.

During this time, Annie started a fashion and lifestyle blog as a creative outlet and became friendly with other female influencers. She started a chat group for her new friends to share ideas and support each other, with the intent of promoting community over competition. The result was amazing – not only did these women eagerly share their blogging tips and tricks to help each other grow, they also formed friendships that added a meaningful dimension to what they already loved doing.

The small group of women quickly grew into a large influencer network that was officially incorporated as Style Collective LLC in early 2016. Today, Style Collective continues to offer sisterhood, support, and empowerment for female influencers in the fashion and lifestyle industries in many ways – from discussion forums for idea sharing, to online courses and guides for influencer education, to in-person meet-ups and group events, opportunities to work with brands one-on-one, and the strategies you need to turn your blog into your brand and business.

Annie has made it her mission to empower other women, improve their happiness, and help them achieve their goals through sisterhood and support of a shared passion. Style Collective is that mission.

Listen to Annie’s full story on the Becoming Fearless Podcast.

Reviews from our amazing community



“Style Collective is more than just a community for bloggers, it’s a sisterhood of women who support each other through the ups and downs, ins and outs of blogging. They are there to encourage and inspire you to be your best #bossbabe self!

I joined in April and I have been blown away by the amount of support and materials available by becoming an SC Sister.

Something that stood out to me from the beginning was the interaction between my fellow SC Sisters and Founder Annie Spano. This isn’t one of those clubs where you get a generic message from the founder every other month in your inbox, Annie is there to support you whether you’re just starting the blogging journey or you’re a blogging veteran. She’s responded to me personally on several occasions and always interacts in our FB group discussions or member questions. Annie’s availability and transparency allow me to feel comfortable asking questions when I don’t know something, and her invaluable advice gives me the motivation to seek out opportunities.”

Peyton Baxter

Peyton Baxter, Love n Labels

“Style Collective was one of the first blogging resources I came across (and actually found valuable) when I first started in this industry. I began meeting my SC sisters and growing those relationships, while also using the resources offered in Style Collective to learn more about the business of blogging and how to turn this into my full-time career. Along with all of this, I’ve been able to meet some of my very best friends, connect with leading brands, and attend industry events thanks to my SC fam!”



“There are plenty of platforms to join as a blogger or influencer. Nowadays, the platforms created for the blogging industry are overpriced and not worthwhile. Style Collective has offered me a lot in return. After you create your account, you can explore the various tabs on the site! The resources tab and the education tab are two of my most-visited. Under the resources tab, you can find so many wonderful tools to amp up your blogging career as I have! From discovering how to utilize media kit templates to improve your website with free stock photos, you can spend hours searching through these pages on their site. The resources tab also has rate calculators. If you do not know how much to charge for an Instagram post, Instagram story, Instagram video, blog post, simply use this tool to calculate your current “rates”. It can be difficult to come up with your own numbers which is why Style Collective has this awesome calculator that I used to first establish my own rates.”



“Finally, one of my most favorite things about being a member of SC is that Annie and the entire community really encourage working together rather than competing with one another. Prior to starting the blog, I was worried that I wouldn’t have as good of a layout as other bloggers, or great pictures, or the same designer clothes and perfect makeup. However, after I spent much time reading through SC blog posts and listening to the podcast, I have finally grasped that comparison is the thief of joy. Once I took this to heart, I stopped comparing and I started having fun. Who cares what others are doing. Are you happy? Are you following your passion? Are you doing your very best? Then great! Don’t compare. Don’t compete. Just be true to yourself. This group empowers women to work together and lift each other up. If you have more questions about SC, let me know. Joining SC was the catalyst in my most transformative year ever and I couldn’t be more happy about the direction my life is taking.


Shanna Battle

“Join a group of like-minded ladies that will be your sounding board! I joined SC a few years ago and it’s been a huge help! Being able to bounce ideas off other bloggers in real time who are at the same point in their journey has been invaluable to me. I have a group of ladies who understand my frustrations and will give me actionable steps to work through them, the advice they are learning in real time and celebrate with me no matter how big the win is because no victory is too small. A mistake that new bloggers sometimes make is not having a support system of people who understand and you need that. You need a shoulder to cry on, an ear to vent to and at times, a kick in the ass and this group is filled with ladies who will do all that and more! Not only that, you have access to a database of brands you can reach out to for collaborations, a weekly blog post that help you map out everything from monthly content calendars to best Instagram strategies and a library of workshops from how to pitch to be a better girlboss! It’s a one-stop blogging shop and I’m glad to be a part of that!”

Asa, Lace & Pearls

“I have been a member of Style Collective for a couple of years now and wish it was around when I first started blogging! It would have saved me a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. With SC, I no longer need to hop around to various sources to get what I need since it’s all in one place. The site and the podcast provide a wealth of knowledge for entrepreneurs and influencers. My favorite features include the blog, blog prep kits, and the e-courses and guides! Plus the community element is a huge plus.”


Style Collective SCCon18 NYFW Sponsors 49

I have tried out a log of groups and memberships that have a lot of promises and not much useful content. Style Collective, however, has been a breath of fresh air. It was started by Annie Spano, who is one of the sweetest people you could ever meet. She is truly committed to the members’ success in their journey. If you are a blogger or have a social media business, this is definitely a group you want to check out.

Their website has a ton of articles that have info from starting your blog, to locking down sponsorships. With the help of Style Collective and the info I got from their membership, I was able to collaborate with brands to get transportation and staying in New York for me and my family virtually free! I was also able to get into multiple invite-only events and shows. And set up meetings with brands and lock down contracts! Needless to say, I am beyond happy with my investment in my membership with Style Collective.”



“Style Collective is FULL of online workshops, information, opportunity, and best of all SUPPORT from girls just like you! I joined the Sister Support Facebook group, where everyday girls are posting/commenting, giving each other advice and support. There is never any judgment or rude comments. It literally feels like an instant family! I printed off worksheets and started a blogging binder. I use the monthly prep kits to set me up for success each month-I even have the calendars as my desktop background! That means every day when I get onto my computer I am seeing any events/holidays for the day and I know what I need to be talking/posting about!

Investing in SC is really an investment in myself. I have met so many new people since joining (and I’ve only been a member for two months)! I have had opportunities open up I never would have had before and best of all, I’m really really enjoying all of it! Style Collective has helped me plan a future for my blog, bring in more money from my posts and even believe in myself more!


Style Collective has not only given me the tools to grow my Instagram and blog accounts, but it has also given me a community of women who uplift and support each other. No matter how large or small your Instagram or blog influence is, there are other people who will give you advice and support when you need it. The Style Collective facebook group has been the biggest source of this for me because it’s an easy way to get feedback and connect with other bloggers. The investment [of SC] has absolutely returned itself in boosting my confidence and knowledge to make my blog the best it can be. Annie Spano, the founder of style collective, also has a weekly podcast where she gives motivation and inspiration through interviews and sharing her own experience. If you’re on the fence about joining, listen to this episode, and I think you’ll see how her enthusiasm has made this community so successful.”


“When you first start blogging, you may feel isolated like I did, but Style Collective was such a great way for me to connect with this community. The resources provided and the friendships I have made are invaluable. I am grateful to Annie for creating this network and allowing me to be a part of it. I highly recommend joining Style Collective no matter where you are in your blogging journey. I hope to see you in this sisterhood too!



“This group has given me a sisterhood of like-minded women aspiring to do the same thing I am. This entire website is a massive support system that provides great information and connections about everything that has to do with blogging! They also have great templates for things like media kits, contracts, invoices and more! Not to mention the super cute stock photo gallery available for FREE. The group even has a special Facebook group for members. I love this group because it promotes things like #FollowFriday, which is when you post a comment on the post and then follow the person above you! This is such a sweet way for the members to connect and also a great way to find new and similar people to follow!! It’s a great support system because if you have any questions, you have a safe place to post knowing there is a whole network dedicated to helping YOU!”



“I recently as in literally two weeks ago, joined Style Collective, a blogging community that has the best resources to help you become a better blogger and entrepreneur. This community has been very accepting, encouraging and supportive. It’s always nice to see communities build each other up instead of making it a competition. Style Collective offers so many useful resources on how to make your blog and social media stand out, they provide worksheets and workbooks and online courses along with amazing events and conferences, like the one I attended in NYC this past weekend.”

Mary Rachel


It has been the best decision I’ve made for my blog’s journey. Why? I’m not some super genius, creative human who can do it all. I sometimes feel like bloggers give off this vibe, or just humans on social media in general. But seriously, I work a full-time job, have a husband, friends, life, and am doing my best to run and grow a Blog. I can’t have or create all the things alone, based on time…and my brain just doesn’t roll like that, ya know? In addition to not being super-human, it’s not fun for me to do it alone. And I don’t have to do it alone! SC has taught me these things. Asking for help and networking with fellow Bloggers is a good and positive thing.

You name it, they’ve got it. And they are all right there, ready for your use. In one sentence, SC is your roadmap to keep you focused with a vision and head on towards your goal, and not get steered by creating random, confusing content for your readers.

What blogging topics do you help?

We help all female bloggers no matter what your niche or topic is, we’re not just for fashion and lifestyle bloggers.

Is this only for women in the US or Canada?

Nope! We have Style Collective members all over the world in 30+ countries.

I have a hard time thinking there is room for me in the industry, because it seems so saturated. Can SC help?

We have videos and worksheets to help you define your mission and build your brand so that you see incredible engagement on all of your posts (and stop the comparison game once and for all!). Take look at the #SCVisibilityChallenge posts on Instagram where everyone shared their mission statement, you can see that engagement is through the roof on those posts compared to everyone’s usual posts.

It sounds like you’re off to a really great start (which is the hardest part, just getting started!) but the resources and community to ask anything, anytime would help you take it to the next level to increase your engagement and start getting paid (because you deserve to be paid for your creativity and time!). We offer a 30-day money back guarantee if you try SC and decide that it’s not for you. 

What happens after I join? How does membership work?

Once you receive your welcome email, you get immediate access to our materials. You also get access to our network bloggers, so you can connect with other women for the support, encouragement, and friendship you need to thrive. It’s a one-stop shop for everything you need to grow as a blogger!

Am I even going to have time to read through the e-books and use this platform?

Yes! This is a self-serve platform, so you can skim the topic titles and choose the info that would be the most helpful.

Do your collaborations pay?

The brands in our database provide influencer benefits, and over half offer “paid” opportunities for influencers with medium influence (10K-50K).

I have asked around and people said it is really good, but better for new bloggers. Is this true?

SC does help a lot of newer bloggers, but we also have a lot of content for “intermediate” and “advanced” bloggers inside the member dashboard. Some of our amazing pro-blogging members include @Cassydy, @Lizzieinlace, @dressupbuttercup, @accordingtoblaire.

Not sure? Register for our FREE masterclass!

Do you feel like you need to have a million followers, spend a ton of money, and look a certain way just to be successful as an influencer? Are you burning yourself out trying to fit the cookie-cutter idea of a successful influencer? There’s a better way! Check out our FREE masterclass, 3 Myths About Influencer Success, Debunked, and learn what you SHOULD be doing to succeed as an influencer. Register now!