Happy July, Sisters! We know it’s summer vaca time, and those beach days are calling — but don’t forget: work hard, play hard! We’re here to help you slay the day, whenever you find time to take a break from sunbathing. Everything you need to succeed is within reach, and your #SCSisters are here to support your dreams and goals. This is your guide to all things SC for the month of July, so you know what to expect and how to take advantage of everything we have to offer. Let’s get right to it (and bonus points: print this page and put it in your blogging binder with all your SC worksheets and courses!).

July Schedule:

A new stock photo will be added to our stock photo library at the start of the new month!

Check the brand directory for new brands looking to work with influencers on all levels. We’re adding new partners every week and there’s something for everyone.

The August Blog Prep Kit is coming your way mid-month (get July’s here!).

Look for a challenge in our Facebook Group to help you improve your storytelling, create genuine connections with your followers, and grow your following organically.

Facebook Group:

Daily moderator chats are still coming your way in our FB Group. Plus, anytime you need to ask a question, someone is waiting with an answer!

🌟 Jenny has been encouraging #SCSisters to talk about their dream brand collabs and what makes them follow someone on Instagram (so we can put these tips into action for our own content!), and wants to remind you that you’re a badass!

📚 Mallory has been giving us all the inspo feels by asking everyone to share their fave inspiring quotes, and is also curious to know: What books or other resources (aside from SC) have you found helpful for your blog?

✨ Maia started a fun post chain asking everyone to share how they’ve grown as a blogger since their very first post! She’s also asking everyone to drop a summer-themed blog post link so we can all check it out!

📸 Jamie is helping #SCSisters meet up with a meet-up thread in the Facebook Group! She’s also encouraging everyone to share a brand they’d love to work with and if someone has a contact with that brand, to share it with the group.

Member Favorite Resources:

Get inspired to check out these member favorite resources straight from your #SCSisters!

Karen Morse: NYFW email template

Mallory Belote: Monetizing Your Influence E-Course – 100%!!!

Ninah Caquias: Pitching E-Course and media kit templates!

Emily Lynn Schiller: Media kit templates (I always receive compliments!), stock photos, and monthly hashtag suggestions in the monthly blog prep kits!

Taima Ta: Monetizing your influence, hands down, and monthly blog prep kits.

Devika Chand: Media kit template and hashtag suggestions in the monthly blog prep kits.

Dayna Benavides: The monthly blog prep kits are amazing!

Jamie Lynn: I love the power words worksheet in the Build Your Brand e-course. The brand directory is amazing, too. I check it every so often and follow people I think would be a good fit to pitch to down the road.

Kerry Lynn Miller: The monthly blog prep kits! Help me lay out the months ahead. I’m working to stay on top of each month as much as I can. Doing my July prep kit this weekend!

Marlene Srdic: I look forward to the monthly blog prep kits! They’re full of great content ideas, holidays, and insider information on what’s going on in the industry.

Apoorva Nyayapathi: According to me the best resource was how to focus and managing time and goals!!! Joining this collective was the push I needed…and I would totally recommend other newbie bloggers to! I’m so happy to be part of this amazing family!

Rachel Sweeney: The monthly blog prep kit is worth the membership alone! It’s such a great resource – perfect to keep me organized and plan content that appeals to my audience. Thank you!!!

Kuena Mtz. Acosta: The monthly blog prep kits are definitely something that makes me look forward to creating content for the following month, instead of feeling overwhelmed by not knowing what I’m going to do next month. Such a great tool!

Nat Melnikov: The monthly blog prep kits and the tips on taking photos, plus posing!

Samira Teresa: I really liked the how to reach out to brands e-course. I think that’s something we all struggle with. It’s like, okay, we have the contact (which isn’t always easy to find), now what do you say to them? What are you trying to accomplish in an email?

Rachael Kemler Jacovino: The Facebook Group! Being able to get ideas and feedback from other ladies.

Nicole Lynn Brown: Love and look forward to the monthly blog prep kits! Especially that they include the “National day of ‘X’” events!!! So helpful!!!

Gina Piombo Lee: As a new blogger the monthly blog prep kit has been so helpful. I’ve just been reading everything. Also, inspiring interviews. It’s easy to get discouraged, so reading those helps keep me motivated and positive about this journey!

Aurora Az: I would have to say the monthly blog prep kit because it has helped me with ideas for posts.

What’s your favorite SC resource? Share it with us below before you rush out the door to have fun in the sun!