Happy June, Sisters! Beach days, pool parties, and fun summer activities are knocking on your door, but we are here to help you slay the day in between all of your fun summer festivities! Everything you need to succeed is within reach and your #SCSisters are here to support your dreams and goals. This is your guide to all things SC for the month of June, so you know what to expect and how to take advantage of everything we have to offer. Let’s get right to it (and bonus points: print this page and put it in your blogging binder with all your SC worksheets and courses!).

June Schedule:

IGTV Challenge: join us for a fun IGTV challenge in our members-only Facebook Group where we will all plan to create and upload an IGTV video with the support of your #SCSisters.

The July Blog Prep Kit is coming your way mid-month (get June’s here!).

Stay on track with our 15 Tips for Becoming a More Productive Blogger (complete with a printable worksheet!).

Daily moderator chats are still coming your way in our FB Group, plus anytime you need to ask a question, someone is waiting with an answer!

🌟 Jenny is offering empathy and a helpful article in case you feel totally defeated by the Instagram Algorithm.

📚 Mallory is sharing her latest book find, which can help you learn more about becoming a full-time influencer.

✨ Maia wants to know: what have you done to get yourself fired back up when your creative energy wanes?

📸 Jamie would love to know your tips for posting photos to your social channels!

Weekly podcast episodes are available via iTunes, Google Play, and Spotify! Check them out for free.

VIP members: our monthly goal planning call is June 3 at 7 pm EST. We’re starting The Influencer Growth Roadmap Summer School and will have weekly watch parties in the Facebook Group so you can watch the classes in real time with other VIP Sisters!


Things to Do This Month:

Download any of our signature courses and make it a goal to tackle one this month so you can improve your brand and messaging, learn the right techniques for pitching, hone in on your project management skills, start prepping for September NYFW, take your monetization to the next level, or learn what it takes to become fearless in your life and business!

Check into the members-only Facebook group for daily posts from Annie, our amazing moderators, and your #SCSisters who are looking for encouragement and support.

Don’t forget to start planning your June content (and download our super cute desktop calendar!).

Head to the stock photo library at the beginning of the month for a brand new photo.


Top Picks from our Education Library:

Setting Goals as a Newbie Blogger

200 Blog Post Ideas & Topic Frames to Inspire You

295 Power Words for Emotional Headlines

Juggling A Full Time Job and Blogging

How to Overcome the Pressure of Instagram Perfection

RSS E-mails: Tips for Being Not So #BASIC

The Pro Blogger’s Guide to Photoshoots (+ Planning Worksheets)

What to Charge for Image Licensing


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