Every month, we like to bring you something new to look forward to as an SC Sister. Last month we introduced the SC Sister Map and a resource guide, How to meetup and team up with your SC Sisters, that shares tips for coffee dates to teaming up for sponsored collabs. We believe that working together creates more opportunity than trying to go at it alone!

And this month, we are bringing you a new vertical: TEMPLATES.

YES, templates that every blogger needs to pitch partnerships and brand herself as the ultimate #girlboss.

Our first release of templates includes:

Our goal is to add something new every single month to help you reach your goals. Building your brand is a slow build and takes time, but we hope that the community, education, resources, and, templates you receive from being an SC Sister help make the journey a little bit easier and more fun! We can’t wait to share some sneak peeks of what we are working on for June!

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