As part of our monthly strategy series, we chatted about the importance of deciding if your blog is a hobby or if you want it to generate income. It’s 100% up to you, but if you’ve decided that you want your blog to make you money, then you are now a business woman and an entrepreneur. We’ve talked about how to become a full time fashion blogger, and yeah… while advertising, affiliate links and brand partnerships are one way to make money as a blogger, there are more fun and interesting ways that you can make money!

I am excited for you to meet two Style Collective members who are not only fashion bloggers, but are also business women who have used their love for fashion and social media to launch their own boutiques! If this is something that you also want to do, please reach out to either one of these ladies or comment below with your thoughts/questions.

Meet Sam

Fashion Blogger Samantha

HI All!  I’m Samantha from the blog Finding Fabulous and the instagram @samantha_fabfinds.  I live in North Carolina and have been blogging for about a year now.  I also have owned/ managed my family’s boutique Fabulous Finds Boutique for 10 years.  I also just finally started to work on my own label Sid + Sam, so I’m super excited about that!

Why did you start blogging?

I started blogging mainly because I’m in the fashion industry.  Customers always ask me where I get something or what I am wearing, so I thought this would be a good way to show them everything in one place.  I was also following other bloggers at the time thinking  “I could do that”… little did I know all what “that” entailed!

How has blogging enhanced being a boutique owner?

I am able to connect the brand of the store with my blog.  I don’t like to do that too often, realistically I wear items from everywhere not just my store. I also like that blogging really has helped me be more creative.  I know more about social media and marketing than I ever thought I would, and I also know more about coding, and how my website should be/look.  Keeping up with blogging and other bloggers, has also helped me keep up with what’s on trend.

How long have you been your own boss?

I have always worked with my family, so I will say all of my life!  I honestly think the change would be hard to work for anyone else.  I did have this short fleeting moment when I was making resumes like maybe I wanted to do some other things, but I said no.  I want to do things on my own.

What advice do you have for other fashion bloggers who want their own independent career?

Talk to someone who has been in the field first.  It looks like so much fun because we’re around clothes all day, but in reality it’s really hard.  I’m constantly thinking of new ways of how to do things, especially since there are so many other amazing boutiques and brands out there.  I would also say to start small and do your research.  It’s still trial and error for me everyday!

You were our very first member, did you know that? 🙂 What do you love about Style Collective?

I had no idea!! Do I get a fun jacket or something? (girl… we’ll send you a phone case! haha)
I love the community for sure.  I remember talking to Taylor Aube, like “how does everyone know everyone?”..She was the one that introduced me to your group.  I was super excited to see all of the new bloggers like me I could talk with who just started blogging as well.  I didn’t feel so awkward anymore!

Your favorite motivational quote?

“You know who’s gonna give you everything? Yourself”
-Diane von Furstenberg
It’s not a conventional motivational quote, but I fully believe in if you want it to go get it, and to not wait for anyone to do it for you.
Um, we love this quote so much that we created an image for it!! xo

Meet Mindy

Fashion Blogger Mindy

Hi! I’m Mindy from Orange County, CA. My blog is called Threads n Breads – and it’s a lifestyle blog focused on food and fashion.

When did you start blogging?

I started blogging about 3 years ago as a creative outlet/hobby. It wasn’t until about a year and half ago did I really give it more focus and attention to grow it to something more than just an outlet for myself. I found Style Collective right in the perfect time when I was just trying to really grow my following and take my content to the next level.

Describe your style.

My style is mostly casual with a girly twist. I like to take must have basics and pair them with in the moment “it-girl” trends, topped with the perfect jewelry of course!

You recently launched The Songbird Collection… what inspired this idea?

I’ve always had this idea in the back of my head for years about launching my own brand or boutique. I got a big push from my sister-in-law who is my business partner and a beauty blogger. She and I started with this small idea and sooner than later we were applying for a business license, and the rest is history!

Visit The Songbird Collection

How did you launch this business? Were you nervous?

I was pretty nervous about launching, but also very excited. We first launched the business to friends and family and made improvements from there before launching to the public. We’re learning and continuing to make improvements to the business overall to continue to grow it, which is very exciting!

What marketing do you use to sell pieces from TSC?

Our marketing mix includes, organic social media mainly focusing on Facebook and Instagram, paid Facebook ads, Pinterest, email marketing and we even have an affiliate program!

Advice you have for other fashion bloggers looking to launch their own boutique or product line?

I would recommend bloggers who are interested in launching their own boutique or product line to just go for it! You never know what it will turn in to. The main thing is to set your budget for investment, goals and a timeline for yourself. Having these as a foundation will help you get to success.

Words to live by:

Just do it. You’ll never know until you try, so go for it!


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