SC has a new feature! The SC Map shows you where your #SCsisters are located. You’ll have access to the name, e-mail, and Instagram username of each of your local SC Sisters. But, don’t worry: this map is hidden behind member doors, so only your SC gal pals will be able to access your info. No creepers allowed!

This map will really come in handy when it’s time to plan meet-ups with local SC Sisters.


SC meet-ups are an amazing way to connect with your sisters.

Digital communication is great, but nothing compares to meeting local SC members face-to-face for some good, old-fashioned, IRL interaction! And meet-ups are amazing for more than just getting to know your sisters IRL. Here are just a few of the reasons meet-ups with your #bossbabe sisters are so great:

  1. Meet-ups let you form meaningful relationships with like-minded boss babes who really get what you do. Being a Style Collective member is like having hundreds of blogging co-workers all over the world – and meet-ups let you connect with the bloggers nearby. Everyone can benefit from a few IRL connections in their industry.
  2. Meeting your SC Sisters IRL also lets you team up to work with brands, hotels, salons, and beauty bars to host sponsored events. Two is better than one, and three or four is even better than that! Planning meet-ups is so much easier when you combine the fabulous organizational power of more than one boss babe. There’s power in numbers; don’t try to do it all alone!
  3. Your nearby SC Sisters probably shop at some of the same local boutiques as you. So, why not team up and host some styling events? It’s easy to turn your passion for fashion into side income with the help of your boss babe sisters. Again: two is better than one!

And how does the new SC map come into play? It makes everything easier! The SC map lets you locate SC Sisters by city and state, so you’ll know which sisters to reach out to locally – and who to get in touch with when you’re vacationing in their area! The map also has all the info you need to reach out to your sisters via Instagram DM or e-mail. We hope the new SC map helps you build the confidence to start planning your own IRL meet-up with boss babes in your area.

But wait, there’s one more thing you should know!

If you’re super excited to meet-up and team up with your SC Sisters, and you LOVE planning events, you might want to sign up to become an SC Regional Leader. As a regional leader, local SC Sisters will reach out to you if they’re interested in attending or helping plan a local event. You’ll also get the inside scoop about upcoming events, and get to work behind the scenes with Team SC on top-secret meet-up projects! Think you have what it takes to be an SC Regional Leader? Sign up today!

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