Are you pitching brand after brand after brand and getting nothing but radio silence in return? Is the $2 you’ve earned from all those clicks on your affiliate links really worth the hassle? You’ve tried everything you can think of to earn an income from your side hustle, but nothing’s working – so what do you do?

Here’s our solution: if you haven’t downloaded our e-book, How to Monetize Your Influence and Stand Out from the Influencer Crowd, get to it! Whether you’re new to SC or an experienced bossbabe looking for a refresher, this e-book is you need to start making money doing what you love. Find it under the education menu once you’re logged into SC.

What will you learn? Here’s a look at everything this e-book has to offer, chapter by chapter.

Chapter 1 Getting Your Blog Ready

Get ready for your transition to blogging professionally. We’ll help you take your blog from a hobby to a business and break down the state of the influencer industry so you know exactly why NOW is the best time to start pursuing your passions.

Chapter 2 Survey Says…

Find out exactly how 4,000 other influencers (both newbies and veterans!) are monetizing their blogs, videos, and podcasts. Get the best tips and tricks from your Style Collective Sisters to help you start monetizing like a pro.

Chapter 3 Affiliates/Commissions

Get our top converting tips for using affiliate links in your content and find out exactly which websites influencers use to monetize with affiliate commission. We’ll also break down the difference between ShopStyle and RewardStyle, so you know which one will get you the results you’re looking for.

Chapter 4 Brand Sponsorships

Here you’ll find the exact steps and documents you need to land a paid sponsorship, and the different types of sponsorships defined. You’ll also learn about top influencer networks for brand sponsorship opportunities and the exact things you need to do to gain brand partnerships.

Chapter 5 Banner Ads

Discover the top ad networks for banner ads – and get some tips from your SC Sisters for using advertising on blogs. We also break down why ads might not work for every blog, and what you can do instead!

Chapter 6 Your Own Products or Services

How can you create value for your audience? Learn how to give your followers something no one else can provide. Plus, we’ll share the exact steps to take for monetizing with your own products or services.

Chapter 7 Getting Creative and More

Explore creative ways to monetize that will help you stand out from the influencer crowd. Exactly how often should you be posting content, and how can you diversify your offerings to reach a wider audience?

Chapter 8 Value

Providing value is the key to taking your professional blogging to the next level. We reveal our secret mindset and formula to help you start seeing profit. You’ll also learn exactly what to charge for sponsored Instagram and blog content.

Chapter 9 Finances

How should you be tracking your blogging expenses? Our CPA has a few tools and programs to recommend. Plus, you’ll get a worksheet for tracking expenses, a video tutorial from a tax consultant for starting an LLC, and a guide to what you can (and can’t!) expense as a blogger.

Chapter 10 Sisterly Advice

Exclusive advice for monetization, straight from Style Collective members! SC sisters spill their secrets and best tips.


We’ll take you step-by-step through the ABCs of monetizing —

from market research, to methods for monetizing, to managing your finances, and beyond. With brand sponsorships, banner ads, your own unique products and services, and more, you can pick and choose the best ways to monetize your blog and start reaping the rewards of all your hard work! We can’t wait to see you rock 2019 with all of your new money making strategies, happy reading, bossbabes!