What if you could consistently create content that felt true to who you are? Content that made followers stop scrolling to connect with your message? What if you could feel confident that this time, you were ready?

In this course, you’ll learn how to:

  1. Establish a strong brand in the influencer industry.
  2. Build a values-based brand that makes an impact.
  3. Craft your mission, your legacy, and the change you seek.
  4. Define your avatar and ideal reader.
  5. Use Pinterest to create your mood board and aesthetic (and get a sneak peek at how Rachel Zoe does this for her collection!).
  6. Create a visual strategy that builds an emotional connection.
  7. Plan the perfect feed with our Instagram strategizer.

Get access now!

If you’re a member, log in and head to our Education menu, then click E-Courses & Guides.

Not a member yet? Join for just $15 and get access to this course and so much more!


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