LADIES. I am so excited to share the top secret project that I’ve been working on for my Style Collective sisters… cute, girly and CHIC phone cases!!! The OTHER exciting thing happening today is that we are officially kicking off the #SCSISTERLOVE campaign where you have the chance to win $1500 worth of prizes from Dagne Dover, Suja Juice, MVMT Watches, Charming Charlie to name a few. This is a huge THANK YOU and I LOVE YOU from ME to YOU. I hope that you LOVE the campaign and these girly phone cases. Everything that I do is to help women empower each other through this little community called Style Collective. Thank you for helping us grow to 500+ and for always inspiring each other every single day of the week. You are always bringing your A-GAME to the table and I am just so inspired by my girls, which is one of the reasons that I created these phone cases…

The Story

Back in August, a phone case company emailed me and wanted to do a collab with custom phone case designs. I pitched my contact an idea for a giveaway with 4 of my SC sisters, which she agreed to do. I also asked if they wanted to work with a few other ladies who had been interested, which she also agreed to.

Fast forward to mid-October and I was thinking about how I wanted to celebrate 500 members in November. I came up with the idea of sharing our SC love for each other and pitched my favorite brands to sponsor a contest. This was around the time that I started with with Sonja (who you’ll meet this week!) and I told her that I wanted to create some chic feminine phone case designs for my CaseApp collab. We worked on a few designs and then one day something clicked.

I received an email from Shopify that explained how I could drop ship products from my online store. All I needed was some designs to upload and a company in the USA would take care of producing it and shipping it for me. My background is in marketing and product development, so the idea of designing a product for my girls that is made in the USA AND that I could donate proceeds to cancer research just made me feel so excited about this project.

Girly Phone Cases Style Collective


Okay, so these phone cases are AMAZING. They are cute, fun, girly and will INSPIRE YOU because that is what the SC community is all about. These phone cases are made in the USA and 10% of profits will be donated to women’s cancer research. They will also protect your phone if you happen to drop it. Cute, girly, and functional for the win!

I want every single SC sister to have a phone case to inspire her daily. Also, there lies so much power with our community. Together we could raise $1,000+ for women’s cancer research. I think that giving back is SO, SO important and I know you all believe in that too.

SC Phone Cases will fit the following phone sizes:

  • iPhone 4/4s, 5c, 5/5s, SE, 6/6s, 6/6s Plus, 7 and 7 Plus.
  • Galaxy S3, S4, S5, S6 Edge, S6, S7 Edge and S7 (all cases except the clear case).

These phone cases were designed with a very SPECIFIC type of person in mind… YOU! I am absolutely in love with how these girly designs turned out and I’m excited to hear: which one is your favorite???

Keep reading to learn about the inspiration for each design.

1. The Girly Girl: pink & clear

Girly Girl Pink and Clear Phone CasesI mean stop it. How freaking cute is this case?!

If you are a girly girl, then this girly phone case is for you. It has everything that a fashionista could ever want on it!

Cat eye sunnies, a chanel purse, a cocktail, lip gloss and macarons. I mean, life is complete.

If you are super girly, then the pink case all the way. If you’re a little more minimal, then go with the clear case!

I mean honestly… both versions are just amazing in their own way. Decisions, decisions!

Buy The Girly Girl Phone Case in Pink

Buy The Girly Girl Phone Case in Clear

2. The Confidence Booster

Confidence Booster Phone CaseHaven’t you ever had one of those days where you are just feeling off? Every now and then a girl needs a confidence booster.

Really, all you need is your SC Sisters and a swipe of lip gloss to turn that day around. Nothing is better. This phone case will give you a little boost of confidence when you need it the most! Who wouldn’t smile looking at this cute case?

Buy The Confidence Booster Phone Case

3. The Girl’s Girl

Girl's Girl Phone CaseThis one was inspired by my sister, actually. She was telling me about one of her girlfriends who is a total “girl’s girl” because she is always checking in, lifting you up and just has your back no matter what.

An SC Sister IS a girl’s girl. We lift each other up and support each other’s goals. This case really embodies that because honestly, what more do you need than coffee, mascara and your SC Sisters?

Buy The Girl’s Girl Phone Case

Girly Phone Cases at Style Collective

The Girly Girl Phone Case The Girly Girl Phone Case The Confidence Booster Phone Case The Girls Girl Phone Case

$36 + Free Shipping

Every #girlboss needs to treat herself. Pick up a little something for yourself that will inspire you and encourage you to keep going after your dreams and goals!

That is what Style Collective is all about.

Plus, a phone case is the PERFECT accessory since you know you have your phone with you 99% of the day like I do. The big joke between my husband and I is that my phone is called “The Precious” you know, like the ring in the movie The Lord of the Rings. I even call my phone “the previous” in a weird, creepy voice sometimes. Okay.. is that too much? hehe.

So I hope you join your #GIRLBOSS family and purchase a cute, girly and fun SC phone case! One purchase counts towards an entry to the #SCSISTERLOVE contest and also benefits cancer research. These cases really give me ALL the feels and I know you will LOVE yours!

All my love! xo Annie

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