As an influencer and blogger, one of the best ways to monetize your work is through brand partnerships. However, it can be incredibly time consuming and confusing to figure out how to find brand contacts, what to include in your pitch, and how much to charge for client work. Luckily, we have taken Annie’s expertise combined with insights from the Style Collective influencer network to bring you our pitching e-course:

How to win at pitching brand partnerships.

What is a brand partnership?

Traditionally, a brand partnership is two companies forming an alliance to work together. If you are an influencer or blogger who wants to make money, then you are technically a business owner who can partner with a brand to help them reach new audiences. You’ll advertise their brand and/or products to your followers in exchange for product and/or monetary compensation, depending upon the scope of the project.

Why are influencers effective for advertising?

  • 80% of millennial moms are avid blog readers who trust bloggers for purchasing decisions over traditional advertising.
  • Gen Z (born after 1996) LOVES influencers because they trust and relate to them on a personal level. “They like to hear from influencers who actually believe in and enjoy the products they’re describing. Over half of them have purchased a product promoted by one of their influencers.” (source)

What’s in this e-course? You will learn how to:

  1. Find brand contacts using 6 different methods.
  2. Write an introductory email to a brand, including the one thing you MUST do to stand out among hundreds of emails brands receive daily.
  3. Craft the perfect proposal for client work that includes your service offerings.
  4. Determine your rate using 5 different methods. Spoiler: you don’t need to have a huge following to earn money!
  5. Conduct yourself as a businesswoman who treats brands as your clients.
  6. Create a contract for your client work that legally protects you in case anything goes wrong.

 What makes this e-course different?

Annie has drawn from her experiences as an influencer, her insights from speaking to hundreds of women in the Style Collective network, and feedback from brands who work with influencers. She has compiled all of this information into this e-course to answer any and all questions about pitching, rates, and so much more!

Ultimately, this pitching e-course will teach you the skills you need to be a successful businesswoman who provides outstanding client work to brands.

Use this course as your framework, and you will go from blogging as a side-hobby to working with brands as a business professional in no time. This is how you will differentiate yourself from everyone else in this industry: being a business professional who provides outstanding client work to brands and is enjoyable to work with! This is what YOU need to do and what BRANDS want in this industry.

How to get this e-course:

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