Style Collective is more than just a blogging community. We are sisters who support one another through thick and thin. SC Sisters inspire each other, lend a helping hand, and remind each other that when the going gets tough, the tough get going!

During our 300+ person Instagram Live about our new e-course, How to Monetize Your Influence and Stand Out From the Influencer Crowd, Annie talked about how one SC Sister has made $200+ from referring other boss babes to Style Collective. Our affiliate program is one way you can (and should!) monetize your blog if you believe in empowering others!

The Sisters in Instagram Live wanted us to take a deeper dive into how to use the SC affiliate program to promote something they love and as a result, make some extra cash $$. Today we’re going to show you how you can make room for SC in your content schedule.


Remind me how I get set up…


  1. Log into your Style Collective account
  2. Hover over your pretty profile photo
  3. Click Billing
  4. Click Affiliates in the top menu bar
  5. Click Products and Links
  6. Right click and copy the affiliate link you want to send!

Summary: log in > billing > affiliates > products and links > right click and copy your affiliate link



Ok, ok. Now tell me how to do this in a non-sales-y way.


Let’s start with some examples. Tell us: which scenario is the most appealing to you?


  1. Style Collective is a community for bloggers. Ask me about joining Style Collective.
  2. I believe in empowering others! Ask me about joining Style Collective.
  3. Style Collective helps bloggers do what they love. Ask me about joining Style Collective.


If you picked option 2, it’s because you believe in the vision of what is being communicated and it’s inspiring you to take action! Options 1 and 3 speak to the “what” and “how” of Style Collective, rather than the “why.” To help you promote the affiliate program in a meaningful way, we’ve created some Instagram Story graphics for you to use! When someone replies, you can tell them about SC and send your affiliate link.


SC Tip: By communicating what you believe in, you will inspire action from others.


Share one of your favorite images below by saving it to your camera roll and uploading it to your Instagram Story. Click the image to open the high-resolution photo in a new window.


Tell me about the time you went to an #SCmeetup or party…


Because, FOMO. Everyone loves to read about what bloggers are up to, so write a recap post telling a story about the party or meetups, what you learned, why you love your SC Sisters, and/or what you love about SC – then use your affiliate link! Look at meetups as an opportunity to collaborate with others (hey, #followfriday shout outs on IG stories!) because that is one of the best ways to grow on Instagram right now!


Here are some examples of recaps we love!


Facebook isn’t just for your parents.


There are a ton of Facebook groups for bloggers, so when someone is asking a question about needing help, offer up that you learn a lot about blogging through Style Collective. Drop a link to the post, course, or our general website: You just saved someone tons of hours of Google searching, and you’re now someone’s best friend! Isn’t it the best feeling when someone gives you life-changing tips?! Be that girl!



Write a post about blogging.


Wait, isn’t that like Inception? People love knowing what works and doesn’t work for others because it’s inspirational! Start a mini-series for your fellow blogging boss babes to let them know what’s been working for you and strengthen your relationships with other bloggers. Relationship building is really important, because you want to cross-promote as often as possible on Instagram to help each other grow. A rising tide lifts all boats.

  • Is content planning the last thing on your to-do list, but the monthly prep kit saved your life?
  • Do you struggle with determining your rate for sponsored content, but the calculators were a game changer?
  • Don’t forget to include a paragraph reviewing Style Collective, how it’s been helpful to you specifically, and then add your link to join!


Add your affiliate link to your Instagram bio! 

You can link your affiliate link directly in your bio, you can use Link Tree, which allows you to link several posts, websites, or affiliate links, or you can create a separate page on your blog with links for followers to click on. Both Link Tree or your own Instagram landing page on your blog are great options for directing followers to specific posts, websites, or social media channels.


Add your affiliate link to your email newsletter

Thank you, Danni, for this awesome tip during our Instagram Live! She adds her affiliate link to her email newsletter since she knows that she has a mix of bloggers and non-bloggers who subscribe to her blog.


What are some other ways you promote Style Collective to other bloggers? We’d love to hear your tips in comments below!