Blogging is hard. There is so much competition and it takes a LONG time to grow. Plus, all the little expenses can add up, fast! If you aren’t pulling income yet, you might take some time to do an 80/20 analysis on products or services you started using that promise to help “boost” your influence or help your blog in some other capacity.

You might even start thinking about canceling your SC membership because you want to focus on the 20% of your efforts that are giving you 80% of your results; but what if we told you that your $10 payment saved you thousands of dollars a year? Or that your $10 payment could be turned into $250 of income you wouldn’t have otherwise had? What if we told you that canceling would actually set you back in your blogging journey?! In fact, Style Collective is potentially saving you almost $4K or more a year and can help you bring in a profit!

Here’s how much your $10/month investment in SC is actually worth:


1. Education to Build Your Brand 

E-courses: Have you seen other e-courses and how much they cost? We give you an e-course every quarter for FREE as part of your $10 membership! This alone is worth thousands. Our courses are taught by certified teachers who have spent thousands of hours in the classroom.

Media Kit: Who has time to find a media kit? Don’t worry, we’ve got you! We have created a gorgeous template with step-by-step instructions which is equally as effective as it is lovely. Your $10 investment just saved you $35-$50 on a media kit designed by a professional. 

Stock Photos: Using pretty stock photos for blog graphics can take your brand to the next level. Your $10 investment just transformed into a $100 investment you would have made purchasing photos! 

Worksheets: Do you know what your blog’s goals are? Or how about sending a killer email pitch that will land you a brand deal? Do you know how to negotiate to increase what you get paid? Or what about tracking your profits and losses? We help you think about your blog strategically so you don’t lose focus! This $10 investment just helped you prevent burnout and gave you what you needed to increase a brand payment or your salary (so you can keep funding your side hustle!). 

Tech Tips: Need help with getting hosting for your new blog? How about migrating your site? Or re-branding? We’ve searched Google high and low for info on these topics, and our tech team has written technical step-by-step posts about how to do these things! Plus, we have a special discount on blog hosting that will save you at least $10/month.

2. Networking to Grow and Earn a Profit 

Meetups: We know you believe in collaboration and empowering other women; one of the best perks of SC is participating in our quarterly IRL meetups! Meet with other like-minded blogging babes in your city for a sponsored meetup, complete with swag bags and great conversation. Your $10 investment just bought you brunch and saved you $60 – not to mention securing unlimited friendship. 

Industry Events: Do you want to attend NYFW like a pro? Our hotel block will save you at least $150/night and we will help you get into shows without you needing to hire a PR agency. Your $10 investment just saved you thousands and bought you a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

Brand Contacts: Are you ready to reach out to brands to monetize your influence? Congrats, girl – that’s awesome! Your $10 investment just returned $250 to your pocket. #Score! 

Contracts and Invoices: Wait, but what do you do once a brand agrees to collaborate?! Girl, you need a contract to protect yourself, prevent scope creep, and ensure you get paid. Your $10 investment just saved you from a brand ghosting a $250 payment – crisis averted! 

3. Time Well Spent 

Monthly Content Prep: Do you have 8 hours a month to research economic trends, fashion trends, hashtags, holidays, events, sales? Yeah, we didn’t think so. Let us do the research for you! For $10, you just bought yourself 8 hours of your life back. We think that one’s priceless.

Everything you need, all in one place: SC strives to have everything a new, intermediate, or established blogger could need! Blogging can be hard enough, so being able to eliminate a lot of the research is incredibly valuable! With SC, you don’t need to go searching everywhere for the information you need (and potentially get misleading information, which is frustrating and disheartening, and could do irreversible damage to the brand you’ve worked so hard on). From our amazing community of sisters/girlfriends who provide an invaluable support system to learning how to be a better blogger through relevant and exclusive blog posts, you don’t need to go anywhere else for the help and guidance to be the #girlboss you set out to become!