Performing great keyword research goes hand-in-hand with creating great content for your blog. Without a strong keyword research strategy, the best content in the world will probably not rank. If you don’t know what keyword you are targeting, then Google probably can’t tell either! Google will ignore your content, and instead show a page that is clearly targeting the search term of the user. That’s what Google’s success is all about; showing the results that most clearly match what the user is looking for!

What is Keyword Research?

Keyword research is about planning ahead and doing your homework! Once you have ideas about content you are looking to write, focusing on the keyword (or words) that users are using to search for that content comes next. Using online tools, you can check how many people are searching for that term in a given month. Finding that a keyword has very low or zero search volume each month means you probably want to target a different keyword. Many of these online tools will offer suggestions to help with that!

Keyword research is also about understanding your audience. What are your target customers searching for? What topics are trending? What words are they using to search for this content? How are they spelling the words? Matching user intent is important both when you are writing your blog content, but also when you are considering the keywords to target. For example, maybe I wrote a great article that targeted the keyword “fashion influencers.” However, after researching, I found that my target audience actually searches for “popular fashion bloggers”, not “fashion influencers.”

Tweak Your Keywords!

Creating a great piece of blog content shouldn’t be a “once and done” activity! After you’ve planned, written, and posted your content, don’t forget to check back in on it and see how its ranking for the keyword you chose. The easiest way to do this is search your keyword term in Google, and keep looking until you find your post! This might take a couple days or weeks, so be patient. If you aren’t finding your content at all, consider revisiting your content. Double check that your keywords are matching what your audience is searching and that you’ve included your keywords in your content, headings, and metadata. It never hurts to update your content with further optimization, or perhaps with a different keyword and see if it helps your results!

Keyword research can seem intimidating, or at the very least tedious at first. But once you get the hang of it, you’ll find that its an invaluable activity to help optimize your content and increase your traffic. At the same time, your research will inevitably lead you to find other keyword ideas that you can base future content around, ensuring that you’ll never run out of great keyword-focused, unique content for your users!

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SEO Keyword Research Tips



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